Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Beatles Cartoon, Episode #14!

The first segment of this episode is titled "Don't Bother Me," which was a song written by George Harrison and recorded by the Beatles for their second album, With the Beatles, and was also the first song George wrote that the Beatles recorded.

beatles14-01The story opens in Rome, where a black-cloaked character and someone who appears to be Oddjob from the Bond movies is lurking outside the Hotel Roma. Oddjob throws his razor-lined derby at one of the rain drains, cutting one part of it through. The derby flies back and hits the cloaked figure before the drainpipe falls back and hits Oddjob! The two climb the pipe to a window, open it (not before the window slides down and crushs Oddjob's fingers first), and enter stealthily. They turn on a flashlight to spy on the Beatles, who are sleeping peacefully in their beds (Ringo's got his feet where his head should be, and vice versa, with rings on his toes). The flashlight beam searches until it comes upon a book titled "New Beatle Songs - Top Secret." This is the target, and Oddjob sneaks over to take it, but Ringo awakens, and alerts John!

Comics They Never Made!

This time around, my faked-up comics covers for licensed comics that never existed is all about two good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm... That's right, The Dukes of Hazzard!
Sometimes, when I'm searching for photos to use to create these covers, I'm lucky to find one picture with a high enough resolution to serve my purposes... and then other times, there's an embarrassment of riches! This was the case with my previous CHiPs covers, and is also the case here. I could easily have mocked up even more covers, but I figured four was enough!

I wasn't really a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard, apparently I wasn't the target audience they were shooting for. Oh, I watched a few episodes here and there, but as I said, I wasn't a fan, and saw no reason to get honked off when the main characters of Bo and Luke Duke were replaced by two previously un-mentioned cousins!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Government Comics!


Comic Book Ads: Pepsi, The Pepsi-Cola Cop!

Okay, I guess we're done with the miscellaneous ads, now it's time to focus on some grouped ads, and this time around, it's the adventures of "Pepsi" the Pepsi-Cola Cop! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This N That Time!

So, On The Job Front...

I don't recall if I wrote about this or not, but about a month ago, I was contacted by my former supervisor at the newspaper. These days, she's running a clinic for a major medical company in this area, and they had an opening for a Medical Assistant that she thought I'd be perfect for. As you may recall, it's been about a year and a half since I graduated with my MA degree, and I didn't have any luck getting hired as an MA, which is why I had my year-long try with truck driving, and my current position at a major retailer. Now, I had high hopes for this interview, as you might understand, although after the interview, I learned that my strategy of replying to questions using more recent examples than older examples of how I dealt with things wasn't the best way to go. This same company had a job fair going on at another facility the following day, and I received an invitation for that as well. It wasn't long before I heard about the job fair results -- no dice there -- but it took about another week or two before I heard about the first job. As you may have guessed by now, I didn't get that job, either. As it turned out, they had an applicant with 13 years of experience and excellent references (I found it odd when my former supervisor told me that latter part, given that she's been one of my references in my job hunt, but whatever). I think this pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin so far as trying to ever get work in the MA field, although I've applied for one or two positions since then. As I see it, I have a couple of strikes going against me: 1) I'm a man, and there just aren't very many facilities comfortable with having a male MA on staff; 2) The length of time since I graduated, meaning that my skills and knowledge have been unused for a long time... saying they're "rusty" would be an exaggeration; 3) When people meet me for the first time, I often come across as intimidating, because let's face it, I'm a big guy! I'm 6 foot 6, and until someone gets to know me a little, it's easy to just assume that I'm a big scary guy.

Essays on Comics Characters: Batman!

batman250.jpgOkay, it's time I got around to the Caped Crusader himself, Batman. Hold on to your seats, gang, this could be a doozy, as I feel like I've got a lot to say about the Dark Knight!

My first exposure to Batman was probably Filmation's animated cartoons of the late 1960s, with the comics following very shortly after that (it's possible I may have read a Batman comic before that, but I don't know for certain). I don't believe I ever saw the Adam West version when it originally aired, although I do recall seeing the movie on TV fairly frequently. Later, I did get to see it in syndication (I was probably seven or eight at the time), and of course, also saw the Dynamic Duo on Super Friends, as well as Batman's appearances on The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

batman - joker filmation artI don't specifically recall the first Batman comic I ever owned... the earliest one I know for sure I had was a 100-Page Super-Spectacular that reprinted the original Golden Age appearances of Two-Face... oh, wait, there was one that was before that which reprinted the story with the vampires that Batman shot from his autogiro! It's likely that I'd read several issues of Justice League of America with Batman in them before my first Batman comic!

Comic Reading Library: Nature Boy #3!