Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Some Random Thoughts

So... I have no idea if anyone's been checking this blog out or not... but it occurs to me it's been a few days since I posted anything at all, so figured I'd toss out a few tidbits...

1. eBay has their new "treasure hunt" game going on as I write this... they give out clues, and you use the clues to try to find an auction to win $1,000. I've a feeling the prizes will be won by people who have no life, but live in front of their 'puter... because only they have the time to search! One clue was "Old Faithful." Well, I figured the clue related to Yellowstone, and did a search for Yellowstone, and there's 1,700+ auctions! I don't have the time to look at all of those! So I guess I won't claim that prize!

2. Krypto arrives in two weeks! I'm so excited... I'll post one of the more recent pictures the breeder sent sometime today.

3. In anticipation of Krypto arriving, I figured I'd work up a checklist of Krypto's comic book appearances. I usually use the Grand Comics Database ( when I'm looking for character appearances... except that when searching for appearances of Krypto, it also gets results from appearances of Green Kryptonite, and presumably other forms of Kryptonite, as well! OK, I know there were a few stories where a piece of Kryptonite narrated a story... but is Kryptonite really a character?!? And why doesn't their search engine know the difference between Krypto the Super-Dog and the rocks that have varying effects on Superman? Now I'll have to double-check every entry to see if Krypto really appeared in it! Sheesh...

4. DC Comics has some really cool-looking stuff coming out, starting with "DC Countdown" and the titles spinning off from it. I'm not sure what exactly they're leading towards, but I can't imagine it'll end up annoying me as much as the whole "Avengers Disassembled" thing did at Marvel! I used to be a huge Avengers fan, but the only Avengers book worth reading these days, IMHO, is the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" miniseries that looks back at the early days of the team. Still, I'll be patient... sooner or later, someone at Marvel will slap themselves upside the head and realize that the Avengers shouldn't include Wolverine in their ranks, among other things... and they'll go back to the kind of team that I want to read about.

5. Speaking of Avengers Disassembled... I recently read the TPB of "Avengers Forever," and it looks to me as though that book gives us all the justification in the world for bringing Hawkeye back to life (none of the "future Avengers" who appeared seem to be surprised to find Hawkeye alive). So that would open the door, wouldn't it? I'm also certain that some day, the Scarlet Witch will be exonerated for what she supposedly did that caused the whole situation. Of course, it could be years and years before that gets fixed!

6. If you are one of those apparently all-too-rare people checking this blog out, let me know by leaving a comment or something, y'hear? It'd be nice to know I'm not just talking to nobody!



  1. Jon....just letting you know that I'm checking out your blog on a nightly basis......I receive the DC History newsletter and am well aware of your talents....good luck

  2. Welcome, Alan! I hope you enjoy the various items I'll be posting here!


  3. Hi, Jon...we're on a couple of the same mailing lists and I'm a former subscriber to Comic Book Artist. Been following you for awhile...keep up the great work.

    Marty McKee
    Mobius Home Video Forum

  4. Thanks, Marty! Glad to see you here, and I hope you enjoy the posts!


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