Saturday, April 23, 2005

Another Collection of Random Thoughts

OK, this will probably be a bit spotty, because there's a bunch of different things I feel like talking about, and since it's been since Wednesday that I posted, I kind of feel I owe my faithful readers with a new posting tonight!

1. The Procession of the Species/Artswalk -- One of the cool things about living in Olympia is that there's so much going on all the time. This weekend has been Artswalk, a twice-a-year event in which local artists' works are displayed downtown, and all the downtown businesses have special sales going on, plus there are other special events. This was the first one I'd gone to, although Jessi has been to it for the past few years.

The neatest thing about today's events was "The Procession of the Species," a parade that's all-volunteer. Everything, from the costumes to the floats, are all hand-made from donated materials, and no, it's no Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, but it's very cool and fun... where else are you going to see people dressed up as various animal species, from the lowliest insect to sealife to wolves? It's a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the weather here has been sunny and warm (well, it was just as soon as we'd brought the last load of stuff into the new house), today it got cool and cloudy, and even rained a bit. Yep, I'm griping about rain in Western Washington (I ever mention the Western Washington Rain Festival here? It starts January 1 and runs through December 31)... we were very cold, and more than a little wet by the time the parade was over, but we still enjoyed it.

2. The Wireless Network. Guess what? The dishwasher doesn't cause network problems after all... it was just coincidence. The dishwasher's running now, and there's no loss of signal. There's apparently some other kind of interference that crops up every four days or so around here, and I suspect (since the last time there was a problem, a new wireless network was showing up on and off on the pop-up list) that someone's using a portable wireless network on the same channel, and it's definitely mobile. Hopefully, whoever's doing that will stay away when I'm trying to access the net!

3. Dollar DVD's. If you go to dollar stores or overstock stores like Big Lots, you've probably seen these. I've even found them at Wal-Mart. Well, I love finding these, because you can find all sorts of neat stuff on them, from old Jack Benny TV shows to Fleischer Popeye and Superman cartoons to other stuff. I'll be the first to admit that the quality on these is variable -- just like the public domain VHS tapes that can still be found every now and then -- and you don't always know exactly what's going to be on the DVDs (for example, I was watching one earlier, "Popeye and Other Cartoon Classics," and it only mentions the Popeye cartoons "Gopher Spinach" -- which is a Famous Studios/Paramont Popeye clip cartoon -- and "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp"... but it also has the Superman cartoons "The Mad Scientist," "The Mechanical Monsters," "Billion Dollar limited," "The Arctic Giant," "Bulleteers," "The Magnetic Telescope," and the Woody Woodpecker cartoon "Pantry Panic" -- the Superman toons are pretty good quality, but the Woody cartoon is terrible, as is the "Gopher Spinach"), but I think overall they're a pretty good deal. I'm currently watching "Popeye Vol. 2", with 7 cartoons, starting with "Popeye Meets Sindbad the Sailor," and the quality is pretty good on the first cartoon. Who knows if we'll get a definitive high-quality DVD collection of these Fleischer Popeyes?

I used to have two DVD's of the Fleischer Superman cartoons, and I can't honestly say the quality was that much better than the ones on the "Popeye and Other Cartoon Classics" DVD... and those other two DVD's cost much more than a buck each!

I'd love it if someone would take the time to do an absolutely perfect digital remastering of these 'toons... assuming there were excellent prints to work from... but I don't know that we'll ever see that. If any exist, I'd appreciate knowing about them!

4. Bissell Carpet Cleaners. How's that for an abrupt change of topic? A few years back, I bought one of these at Wal-Mart, and have only used it intermittently... well, the new place we're living in had some stains in the carpets, so after vacuuming the carpets, I fired up the Bissell, starting with the master bedroom. It did a great job on the master bedroom (I used a full tank on that), but when I went to use it on Jessi's office, the spray function stopped working. I have cleaned the darn thing, checked everywhere it could be clogged, downloaded a PDF with troubleshooting info, and none of it has done a darn bit of good. The freakin' thing cost me about $80 brand-new, and I'd hate to think it's stopped working before I could completely use up the first batch of cleaner... and besides that, there's still the two offices, the hallway, and the living room carpets to clean! So, if anyone reading this has a Bissell Quick Steamer, and experienced the same kind of problem and solved it, please let me know!

5. The Weekly Column. Some time back, I mentioned some vague thing about a weekly column that would be appearing in the future, and that I'd say more about it when it got closer to being a reality. Well... tentatively, it's going to start appearing in May at the World Famous Comics website. The column is called "Cover Stories," and it sort of recycles some of my previous postings to the DC History Yahoo Group, with added information. Hmmm... that's still not very clear, is it? Well, each week, I'll be presenting four to five covers of old comics that feature a common theme... this could be anything from covers featuring the characters doing a high-wire circus act to sports to whatever! Plus, about every four weeks or so, I'll be presenting some of my "Comics They Never Made" covers!

What does this mean for this blog? Well, for starters, I won't be posting any more "Comics They Never Made" here until after they've appeared on the WF site... just to be fair to webmaster Justin there. Since I've written the first 20 columns or so to date, and the first several ones with CTNM content feature covers that have appeared here, too, there won't be any of those here for quite some time!

However... if you sign up for that Yahoo Group (search their listings for DCHistory), there are still some covers that I created but never posted there, which will be their debut. When will I post those? Well, that's a darn good question, because I haven't written the text to go with them yet... I've been a bit busy posting my current series there, "1-10," in which I present the first 10 covers of a different comics series each day, Monday through Friday.

6. Digital Camera Woes. Somehow, during the course of the move, I've managed to lose the cable that connects my Kodak digital camera to the USB port on my computer. How the heck this happened is beyond me, because I know I packed it in the same box with the mouse, keyboard and other cables! Then again, I just found the charger for my cell phone on Thursday (fortunately, Jessi uses the same brand of cell phone I do, so our chargers are compatible), so it could still turn up. If not, well, then I'll have to find out what it'll cost to replace that. Then again, I am still trying to figure out where my extra checks are, too (even though I need to order replacements with the current address on them).

7. Mail Forwarding Woes. Wow, it's going to sound like I'm having pretty much nothing but problems these days, isn't it? Well, here's another problem... for the past four days or so, I've had no snail mail at all... nothing's been forwarded to the new address, and nothing's showed up in the mailbox at my old address. Well, at least nothing has been arriving at the old address since Friday... I didn't check today (I'll check again Monday, when I have to run over there anyway... first day off I've had since Krypto arrived, and I get to use part of it to attempt some repairs on the fence around the patio... some fun, eh?).

8. Taking Care of the Old Apartment. So, I've been completely moved out of my old apartment for a week... have I done the move-out checklist with the property management company I rent from yet? Nope! You see, there's been a delay there... the friend of Jessi's who's starting a housecleaning business hasn't been able to get it done yet, because she's been tied up with a different job. Hopefully, it'll get done before too long this coming week, because it'll be probably 2 weeks after the move-out checklist before I get the deposit back -- or at least, whatever's left after whatever they do that they're going to charge me for, and given my deposit there was $700, I'm expecting to get at least $500 of that back.

9. The Wrap-Up! Honestly, my life doesn't really suck! I still love my job, and Jessi, as well as Krypto and KO (even though KO didn't impress me the other day when she got up on the kitchen counter and ate what we were going to have for dinner)... and I'm continuing to lose weight thanks to Weight Watchers (nearly 52 lbs. so far!). The house is really starting to come together, with only a few more boxes left to sort through, and we'll get to start shaping up the yard soon (as soon as I get either my check for the He-Man transcriptions or the deposit back on my old place so we can afford grass seed, Weed & Feed, a mower and a weed-whacker).


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    Just wanted to comment on #4 (The Bissell Carpet Cleaner) I just recently acquired the same problem with mine after only owning it for a month. Wish I had a solution for you, but I am in the same boat.


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