Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another view in my office...

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...and as you can see, there is some slight disorganization going on... although pretty much confined to that one corner. You can see my Mac, as well as the top of the chair I sit in (a garage sale bargain that I've been using for several years now). That big flat box contains a Rocketeer standee as well as some limited edition prints -- mostly Doc Savage paperback covers -- that I've been trying to decide if I'm going to keep or eBay (and if I eBay them, I have to figure out how to ship them and keep them flat, as well as what the shipping will cost. For that matter, if I keep them, where the heck do I display them? As you'll see in further entries in this photo series, there isn't much wall space available in here).

You can barely make out my Canon i350 printer next to the tower. This printer is the best inkjet printer I've ever had -- and the cartridges are almost half the price of the LexMark printer I used to own, too! The lamp that's kind of stuffed into the corner has yet to be turned on over here, as I have an overhead light that works better for me, so that lamp may be relocated to the garage for a future garage sale.

You can also see a plastic bottle with some dark liquid in it -- that liquid is Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea, which I'm drinking only because I'm currently out of Diet Mountain Dew. I have no idea of the CLRIT has caffeine in it or not -- and please don't tell me if it doesn't -- which is why I'm drinking it.

And yes, that's an ashtray sitting next to the keyboard... some day I will quit smoking, but for the time being, I'm working on my weight loss -- one adjustment at a time, you know?



  1. Which Doc Savage covers?

  2. The ones I have are all from the numbered limited edition prints...

    Red Snow (358/1100)
    Mystic Mullah (324/1100)
    Sea Angel (337/1100
    Phantom City (522/1100)

    They're all in excellent condition except for the last one, which is a little wrinkly (but not wrinkled) and has some kind of stain on the lower left-hand corner (probably water damage).

    I'm open to selling them if I got the right offer!



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