Monday, April 25, 2005

Dollar DVDs and Old Animation

As I mentioned before in this blog, I've bought a number of dollar DVDs, mostly ones featuring old animation, old TV shows, and old cheesy "B" and "C" horror movies.

Well, having watched some of these, I can honestly say that some of these "lost" cartoons on these DVDs should've stayed lost.

Take, for example, the couple of old Mutt and Jeff cartoons I've seen... oh my god, these have got to be some of the worst old cartoons I've ever seen! The animation is just plain bad (it's not even up to Famous Studios/Harveytoons "standards"), and the stories are not much better!

I should warn you guys... if you buy any of the Treasure Box Collection dvds that say "Betty Boop and Other Cartoon Treasures," or "Superman and Other Cartoon Treasures," or anything "and Other Cartoon Treasures," that some of the same cartoons appear on more than one disc... which is not always a bad thing (two of the ones I've watched so far have "Popeye Meets Sindbad the Sailor") but sometimes is (there's this one Herman the Mouse cartoon that's not that entertaining that's been on two).

Speaking of the Betty Boop one... that one starts off with "Betty Boop and the Little King," which is not mentioned on the box the disc comes in. For those who don't know, when the Fleischers were looking for new characters to start series on to accompany Betty Boop, they guest-starred several King Features characters with Betty... the Little King was one, as was Henry (neither of them worked out that well... they decided to give the Little King dialogue, even though, like Henry, the strips were all in pantomime... I think they kept Henry mute, though).

The only successful one in this sub-series of Betty Cartoons was the one in which she met... Popeye the Sailor Man! So far, I haven't come across the Popeye pilot on these discs.

Two of these discs to date (the Betty one, which I'm currently watching, and the Mighty Mouse one) have Little Lulu cartoons on them, done by (I believe) Famous Studios, and I'll admit, I've never been much of a Lulu fan... and these cartoons won't change my mind about that! (The Mighty Mouse one has the two Mutt & Jeff cartoons I mentioned earlier)

As I'm writing this, the Betty Boop disc is up to a Fleischer cartoon (non-series) featuring chickens in an Arabian Nights kind of thing... and I've just heard Jack Mercer's Popeye voice for a chicken sultan!

So like I said, some nice surprises... some not-so-nice ones! If you have a fondness for Little Audrey cartoons, you'll find some of these on those discs, too... usually one each.

I think I mentioned in a previous posting that "Popeye and Other..." had two Popeyes, about a half-dozen Superman toons, and a Woody Woodpecker toon... so the mix is rather weird at times!


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  1. Just as a follow-up to this post... most of the "Betty Boop and Other Cartoon Treasures" is filled out with Famous Studios Popeyes... sheesh...


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