Friday, April 29, 2005

Jon's Comic Reviews, Part 2!

Continuing with the capsule reviews from last night!

Legion of Super-Heroes #5 - OK, let me first say that I've never been overly fond of the whole "reboot" process when it comes to reviving some comics titles... where the creators throw out everything, and start all over again. Often, what was most appealing to me about the title tends to be thrown away (such as the first revival of the Outsiders -- and no, I haven't tried out the current series yet). But the current LSH series is one that definitely works for me!

(OK, so this one won't be quite a "capsule" review!) I've been a fan of the LSH at various times... in my childhood, reading the original stories in reprints (thanks to garage sales, one used to be able to buy 60s comics cheap back then... I remember getting some 80 pg. Giants for a quarter or less), and then, when the Superboy title was taken over by them, I enjoyed those stories (although I have to admit I've enjoyed them more often these days, finding them as back issues, particularlly the Grell and Cockrum issues). I also enjoyed the Giffen issues... at least until the first rebooting of sorts, where we went ahead several years. When the clone LSH was brought out, I tried that out, but ultimately, couldn't stick with it.

The current Waid/Kitson series, on the other hand, definitely has my attention. Now, I may be a bit biased -- Waid is one of my favorite comics writers, and I've always liked Kitson's work -- but this revival of LSH is working for me. The plot is very interesting, but for me, it's the characterizations that matter most in this title... and the character bits throughout every issue are what really hold my interest in this book!

Doom Patrol #11 -- It seems appropriate to review this one right after LSH, because this is another example of a rebooted book that I actually like! But what can I say? Rebooting the entire series and history gives us a living Rita Farr, and I've always liked Elasti-Girl. Getting Metamorpho involved with the team makes a lot of sense to me, too. I can't say I'm overly fond of the DP's costumes (they're kind of reminiscent of the originals, and I can definitely understand why Rita wouldn't want to wear a mini-skirt when she grows to giant-size... but it was a classic look!). I understand this series is headed for the chopping block before too much longer, but I'm hoping it'll somehow survive.

Flash #221 -- This is a title I started picking up again thanks to Identity Crisis. It's been taking me a bit to figure out what's happening on it, but having all the Rogues in the current storyline helps my patience level! I'll at least stick with it for a few more issues (although I still think Waid's run was the best on this title).

Teen Titans Go! #18 -- If you like the Titans cartoon, you'll like this book. If you don't, you won't. I happen to like both, and this issue has a number of visual gags that will at least bring a smile to those of us familiar with the in-continuity versions of these characters!

Adventures of Superman #639 -- I hate cover that give away what happens in the story, and this is one of them. Looking at this cover, you know that by the end of the issue, Superman gets possessed by Eclipso. It's interesting to see how that happens, but still... surprises, people! It also seems to be a bit misleading... on the cover, Eclipsupes is holding a torn Captain Marvel cape, but Cap only makes a brief appearance at the end of the comic -- the real battle happens in the next part!

Space Ghost #6 -- I have loved this series since issue #1... giving Space Ghost an origin is very cool, and I like this spin on the character. I understand a second mini-series is in development, and I'm definitely planning on picking that up! In fact, if the same creators were involved, I'd absolutely support a regular series! Now, if only we can get a modern-day revival of Birdman going!

Seven Soliders: Zatanna #1 -- OK, it's Zatanna. Of course I'm going to buy this book! I liked it, and I'll continue to buy it.

Fantastic Four #525 -- I've long felt that Karl Kesel deserved a shot at writing this book, and he's not disappointing. I hope he'll be able to stay with this title!

Fantastic Four Foes #4 -- I love the concepts this book is using... and the mystery is intriguing!

Teen Titans #23 -- I'm a sucker for any book when it has a storyline in which lots and lots of other superheroes show up... and I've liked this title before this! I also liked the scene at the end when Mia (the new Speedy) reveals she's HIV-positive, and other Titans share their secrets, too... although Superboy still won't admit part of his DNA came from Luthor!

House of M Sketchbook -- The only reason I have this is because it was free. Looking through it, I still don't plan on buying the series.

And that's it!



  1. IM not a big fan of reboots either, but with the LSH its not as bad as other series. With them being in the future, all of their different incarnations can be alternate versions of each other and plausable.It doesnt bother current continuity really. they might act totally out of character but being alternate version that can happen with out messing up any real continuity. And Cosmic boy did turn out to be Time Trapper once so there is some kind of precedent.

    No, did Speedy actually tell the Titans she was HIV +? I think my book is missing a page or something. It Just takes up after the fight and her being squirly. I didnt know what was going on till I read it here.

    The Young Avenger and the New Avengers. Im liking them. Much Better then the new X Men and other Mutie titles. Bummer. Big bummer is I just cant get away from the old man. Hes on the cover of the New Avengers this month and seems to just be everywhere. I loved how Spider-Woman thrashed his throate wiht his own claws. Too perfect. Didnt he know Jessica Drew in Madripor while she was a PI? He's acting like they are strangers. They met in the X Men too a few times. First was Avengers Annual 10 or 11 and then when the X Men were in Siff I think.

  2. Speedy told them, all right... "I made mistakes. I was in a bad place. And somwhere along the way I... I tested positive." Beast Boy: "Like...?" Speedy: "Yeah."

    I'm not even giving the new Avengers books a chance. They're not the Avengers to me.



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