Friday, April 29, 2005

Krypto the Superdog Thoughts

I was thinking about posting this last night, but spaced on it... watching this morning's episode reminded me...

I want to see some action figures based on this series! Preferably using the JLU three-pack concept, but without so much duplication of figures!

Here's how I would create three-packs of Krypto the Super-Dog figures...

Set #1 - Krypto, Hot Dog, Mechani-Cat

Set #2 - Streaky, Tail Terrier, Snooky Wookums

Set #3 - Ace the Bat-Hound, Bull Dog, Isis (Catwoman's cat)

Set #4 - Krypto (out of costume), Hot Dog, Lou (one of the Joker's hyenas)

Set #5 - Streaky (out of costume), the Brainiac-like Dog Star, Bud (the other hyena)

Set #6 - Kevin (Krypto's owner), Ignatius (Luthor's iguana), the inflating Dog Star

I also figure that these sets might also be able to be packaged with some kind of accessory... for example, Set #1 could include Krypto's dog house (some assembly required), Set #2 might include a bonus Squeaky figure (Streaky's nephew), Set #3 should include Ace's personal Bat-Wing, and so on.

As you can tell, my idea is mainly to have one of the main characters, a Dog Star member, and a villain. There have been a few other Dog Stars (and I apologize for forgetting some of their names), and there are other characters that should be done in figure form (like Robo-Dog, or the three cats that often show up, as well as this one rat, and Streaky's owner... oh, can't forget Kevin's baby sister!). I don't think we'll be looking forward to seeing the versions of Superman, Luthor and Lois Lane that have cameo'ed!

These figures should appeal to kids who watch the show as well as adults like me who like the characters!



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