Monday, May 09, 2005

Shazam! (Part 5)

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And this would've possibly been the cover of the third issue, in which the Squadron of Justice faces off for the first time with the Monster Society of Evil!

Yeah, I don't show any of the MSE here... because I wanted to leave some surprises (plus, I was still trying to think of who else would be in it... someone once suggested Mr. Atom, the giant robot, but I didn't recall reading any stories with him... plus I wanted more freaky DC villains).

As I said with the first posting of this series, I came up with all of this stuff before the Ordway graphic novel was announced... and once I heard about that, I pretty much set this all aside, save for when I posted my plots for the first two or three issues on some newsgroup back when I was on AOL.

I did, naturally, buy the Ordway graphic novel and later series... just as I plan on buying any other Shazam! title DC produces! I loved the Ordway series... but still... sometimes I wish I'd had my shot with this one.

Next, I'll go back to posting some of the stuff of my own characters again, with some possible stuff in-between them!


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  1. Jon,
    Mr. Atom appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #78 (Nov 1947), #81 (Feb 1948), had a cameo in Marvel Family #24 (June 1948), and appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #90 (Nov 1948). He's since appeared in the DC universe.
    Hope this helps!


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