Saturday, June 18, 2005

Charlton April 1972 Ad #2!

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Gotta laugh at myself here... because I'd just posted here mentioning how different the ads from Charltons were... and then I follow it up with this page from the same month with two ads you can find in any DC or Marvel mag of the time!

The top one... well, despite the name "Honor House," it's really the Johnson Smith Company again (I recognize the mailing address). Just to give you a head's up, sometime soon I'll be posting a major Johnson Smith-related item here!

The bottom one... well, I can't say this for an absolute certainty... but I'm pretty sure the "monster size monsters" were just big posters. As a kid, I saw this and thought that these were dummies of some kind, but I seem to remember reading somewhere they were door-size posters.


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