Thursday, June 16, 2005

DC July 1969 Ad #1

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OK, I'm already breaking a "rule" here, by posting ads from comics with cover dates before the 1970-1979 arbitrary "rule"... but what the hey... it's my blog, and I had a coverless issue of "Anthro" to pull these from!

This was one of those "slotless" slot car sets that was so popular for a while in the late 60s or so... although better known was probably the Motorific line. These were, in many ways, the precursors of the Hot Wheels' Sizzlers line (which seems to be deader than a doornail these days).

If you don't know what Sizzlers were... well, they were Hot Wheels with motors in 'em. You charged them up from a power source that was designed to look like a gas pump, and instead of a nozzle, it had a 1/8" plug that you plugged into the car. I think the charger was powered by 4 "D" or "C" batteries, but I could be misremembering.

Anyway, after charging up the cars, you could send them careening down the same track standard Hot Wheels used.

For kids with regular Hot Wheels, there was a way to keep them going, too (most of us just set up a long track that went downhill, making them more like Pinewood Derby toys than anything else)... I forget what it was called, but you could set up a track going through this gadget that kind of looked like a gas station, but which had double sets of revolving wheels that would push the cars around each lap (this was also powered by "D" batteries).


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