Sunday, June 19, 2005

Marvel August 1972 Ad #5

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Ah, another Heroes World ad!

Let's start with the Mego Superhero... well, they call 'em "Dolls" in this ad, but we all know they're Action Figures, dammit!

I don't care how good the sculpts are these days (although, IMHO, DC Direct stuff is better done than Toy Biz' Marvel stuff these days), these are still my all-time favorite action figure line... and I include Mego's Mad Monsters and Planet of the Apes line in that grouping!

They are, and remain, cool and goofy at the same time!

Below that is a promo for Mattel's Super Hot Wheels... which are amost the goofiest idea on the page... except that we've been seeing very similar stuff these days! Heck, earlier today I was at Fred Meyer, checking to see if the new JLU figures were in, and I saw a Wolverine Jet... as in, a die-cast jet with Wolverine logo and art on it. Huh?????

IMHO, the only vehicle toys based on comics characters that should ever be made are vehicles from the comics themselves... be it Batmobile (and as many of you know, I do have the latest Corgi stuff) or Avengers Quinjet (something that nobody's done yet) or Fantasti-Car (which we've seen one done in the 90s, but I'm still hoping for a flying bathtub some day)... it should appear in the comics!

And that brings us to the next item... vehicles for the Mego Spidey and Captain America!

OK, yes, there was the Spider-Mobile in the comics... but it looked nothing like this (I seem to recall there was a Spider-Mobile toy produced that looked like the one from the comics). But was ther a Captain Americar? Hell, no!

If you're going to do a vehicle for Cap, it should be a motorcycle!

That brings us to what I consider the goofiest item on this page... the Spidey and Hulk yo-yos by Duncan, the leader in yo-yo manufacturing!


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