Friday, June 17, 2005

Marvel May 1976 Ad #3

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And this will be the last ad from the comics I'll post... at least, until I get more scanned in!

So here we have an ad for Marvel-Con 1976, which sounds like it would've been one helluva show... I don't recall reading much about this con, but one would think that there'd be photos and so on out there on the web somewhere!


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  1. I was there. I blew off the Bicentennial festivities in the town where I was going to college, even though my girlfriend was heavily involved in the event. No civic celebration could keep me away from a Marvel con!

    I'm pretty sure that this was the con that had an unexpected special guest. The centerpiece of the first day at the con was an appearance by Stan Lee; as the hour grew near, the room was filled with true believers, facing front. Then a series of waves of sound swept thru the room, each one louder than the last, as the news passed from person to person: "Stan's here! He's right outside the room!" "Wait, there's someone with him!" "Who is it? What's going on?" "It's Jack Kirby!! Kirby's here with Stan!!" "HE'S COMING BACK!!! KIRBY'S COMING BACK TO MARVEL!!!! The esctatic energy in that room almost blew the roof off the building.

    The next day, Kirby was one of the judges in the costume contest. One of the earliest contestants was dressed as the Thing. Instead of parading around the stage like the other contestants, he made a beeline over to Kirby. When Jack stood up to shake his hand, every flashbulb in the place went off. A lot of New York area fans probably still have a picture of Jack Kirby shaking the Thing's hand.

    Last time I looked, there were a couple of pictures from this con on Joe Sinnott's website. This was the first time Jack and Joe ever met in person.

    Rob Allen
    Portland, OR


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