Thursday, June 16, 2005

This 'n That, Revisted

Aagh... having a bit of a sleepless night, so may as well catch you faithful readers of this blog (both of ya!) up on the latest developments here!

First of all, let's get the commercial out of the way... I just listed a bunch of comics posters (including two that didn't sell the last time) on ebay... but this time, there's a difference... I've put a "buy it now" price on all of them, and they're only running for 5 days (any that don't sell I'll likely relist for 7 without the BIN). You can get the listing of these items for sale by clicking

Next up... Thursday morning, Krypto gets to go to the vet again! This is a routine stop, a heartworm exam, although I'm also going to have the vet look at a rash that he and KO got after a walk at the Lacey Community Center... it doesn't seem to bother the dogs, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Wednesday morning, I had my first check-up myself in at least 15 years... overall, the doc said I was in good health (thank you, Weight Watchers), but there were two disturbing developments... the first of which was they measured my height at 6'4", instead of the 6'6" I've been for the longest time... at 42, I shouldn't start shrinking! Perhaps I wasn't standing as straight as I could've been.

Even more disturbing was the result of the hearing test... seems I've started experiencing some hearing loss at the upper end of the scale.... news I honestly could've done without receiving.

They also took some blood, as well as a urine sample... and I'm supposed to do some other samples and mail them in over the next week (have to wait three days after eating certain kinds of foods). Hopefully, nothing will come of those.

I've had issues with doctors ever since my wife, Barbara, passed away, and I've probably mentioned that before... or if not, I'll mention it again, and possibly go into more detail.

So, maybe you're wondering why I'm still up at 2 am? Well... I had gone to sleep at a decent hour... but was awakened at 1 with the news that Krypto had an accident in the bedroom that needed cleaning up... so I probably got a bit stressed over that (plus I was a bit stressed when I was putting up what would've been the 13th poster, except that the wireless network suddenly stopped working... it's just now that it's up and running again). I suppose, too, I'm still feeling a bit stressed over the whole check-up thing.

Thursday evening, I may put up more eBay auctions, again with the buy it now option... originally, I started these to get the much-needed funds for Jessi and I to take our vacation next month, but it's turning out so far that I've needed the money for other matters (like the two birthday, graduation, and fathers day presents for this coming weekend... sheesh). I still have no idea what I'm getting my dad for Father's Day... and really need more of a present for my nephew's graduation than the gag gift I already got him.

So... while I'm This 'n That-ing... what's the consensus on the comics ads I've run intermittently here (okay, sometimes that's been about all I've posted)? I haven't had any feedback on those, and I do like to know whether or not you readers are enjoying what I'm posting! You can write me direct at to let me know.

One final note: On my Cover Stories column at WF Comics? I'm so far ahead on writing columns now that the next one I write will be for December!


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