Sunday, June 12, 2005

This 'n That Strikes Back!

Well, let's see... what do I have to talk about today?

For starters, there's the latest edition of my weekly column, Cover Stories, which you can check out at the WF Comics website by clicking that link. New columns show up there every Sunday!

What else... hmmm... well, Saturday and Sunday have been rather busy days for us... Saturday was "Super Saturday" at Evergreen College... but I'm getting ahead of myself. A slow weight loss week for me this time, only .4 lbs lost according to the weigh-in at Weight Watchers... guess I need to be more careful about my eating!

After that, we had our Saturday walk with the dogs, then headed home for breakfast before heading off to "Super Saturday." That's the day after graduation, and it's kind of a festival/fair of sorts... lots of music, lots of vendors selling all kinds of unusual stuff. Evergreen is kind of a "hippie" college in many ways, so there were lots of rather off-beat merchandise for sale... and to be honest, I found a lot of it overpriced. We did, however, enjoy some roasted corn on the cob, which was very tasty!

Back home after that to do a bit of additional cleaning up from the party, then we were off to Larry and Sibyl's house. Larry and Sibyl are sort of Jessi's "adopted Washington parents," and we brought over some leftover pizza and pie for dinner. They're a great couple, and I always enjoy spending time with them!

Sunday... well, we had kind of a rough night, it seems... Jessi woke up at 3 am, having been nearly pushed off the bed thanks to the dogs, and slept the rest of the night on the couch (I was still so tired from preparing for the party I never noticed). We got up about 8, and were off to the Sunday walk, then back home for breakfast again, and then... well, hmm... we sort of hung around the house for a bit, then went to Jessi's friend Tifney's house for a barbeque... then back home again! As I write this, she's watching "Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone" on the Canadian channel (even though we have it on tape or DVD, I forget which)!

Tomorrow, naturally, it's back to work for me... and sheesh, I still haven't done the mini-reviews of the comics I got on Thursday!

Next weekend will be a rather busy one for us, as well... Saturday, we're up to Tacoma for my sister Debi's birthday, as well as her daughter Christi's birthday, and a celebration of her son RJ's high school graduation. We'll probably also give my dad his Father's Day present at the same time! I don't know what the food plan is for then, but I'm guessing there will be too many bags of chips to eat.

Sunday will be our mid-month Boxer Meet-Up... we usually just have them on the first Sunday of each month, but this summer, for June, July and August, we're having additional ones on the third Sunday of each month!

I'm hoping this week will be a bit less busy... but we'll see! I do have my current eBay auctions ending Monday night, and I think I may post some new ones while I wait for those to close. This time around, there's what may be the last of my Alex Ross DC Heroes posters, plus a Justice League animated poster... and as I write this, only two of the posters have bids, so you stand a good chance at getting a bargain!

Anyway, that's all for now... I'll try to get those mini-reviews posted soon!


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