Wednesday, August 17, 2005

That Story I Promised You Guys...

OK... quite some time ago, I had alluded to a story about a place called Warehouse Toys, and promised to tell you guys that story some day.

Today, my friends, is that day.

It was probably the summer of 1981... sometime in 1981, anyway. I think I was out of high school, but hadn't started voc-tech school yet (long story there... short version is, I was going to be a computer programmer, but I found it more boring than watching paint dry)... out in Lakewood (which is just south of Tacoma, right along I-5, pretty much across I-5 from McChord Air Force Base), there used to be pretty much one store I was interested in, O'Leary's Books -- the first comics shop I ever went to, and now gone... but I digress.

Across the street from the last location of O'Leary's (but not at the same time O'Leary's was there) was, for a very short time... a store called Warehouse Toys. One day, my brothers Jeff and Karl joined me for a trip over there... we'd heard about it, but hadn't gone there for ourselves.

Well, we walked in there... and were amazed at the stuff we saw. Pretty much any toy of the 1970s, you could find there... we saw Megos galore, all carded... we saw G.I. Joe's -- 12 inch Joes in the box, as well as accessories! So much stuff... so much stuff I later bought used, then sold... so much stuff that I wish I had today...

Needless to say, I didn't buy a thing then.

If I had any clue as to what would happen with the toy market between then and now, and I had the money... I would have bought all the Megos and Joes and probably a bunch of other stuff I don't recall now... and I would've been set financially!


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