Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So, in case you hadn't read prior entries, I've been riding my bike to work lately. It hasn't been quite as bad as I was expecting... I mean, I knew I could do it, I just expected I'd be much more tired afterwards.

Unfortunately, the bike is pretty cheap... and tomorrow morning, before I head to work, I'll have to tighten up the gearshifts, because they keep loosening.

I'm sure I'm getting plenty of good exercise doing this... but to be completely honest, I'm looking forward to getting the brakes done on the car, so I have a choice in the matter.

Thursday, it's apparently supposed to rain around here... and if it does, I'll have a decision to make in the morning... ride, or take the bus. Either way, I'll get wet on the way to work. However... since Thursdays tend to be late nights, chances are, I'll end up calling Jessi for a ride home from work by the time I'm finished there.

Anyway... tomorrow morning, I'll be posting another installment of my biography, which will focus either on comic book memories, or I'll be going through some TV memories.


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