Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And "Sew" It Goes...

Wow, been a little bit of time since my last entry, hasn't it?

Anyway... what prevented me from blogging last night, as well as until now this morning, is that I've begun work on Phase I of my Superman costume... namely, the "muscle shirt," since I don't have quite the muscle that the Man of Steel has!

So, how did I construct this? Well, in brief, I found a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt at Value Village, cut the neck off, and put it on. Then, using a pen, I drew on it where I wanted the muscles to go, using my own anatomy as a guide. Then I took the shirt off, cut foam rubber pieces of the appropriate size, and then used some material to cover those foam rubber muscles as I sewed them on by hand, using my lines as a guide. The chest came out pretty good, if I say so myself... the upper arms (shoulders and biceps), I'm not so certain about. I wasn't trying to get too extreme there, just add a little something.

I still have to do some work on it... resizing it so it fits rather snugly (so there's no wrinkles showing through when I put the Superman shirt on), but it's pretty close to done at this point. With that complete, it'll be measurement time, so I can start creating the patterns.

In other news... and I feel safe posting it here, because I don't believe Jessi reads my blog regularlly... I bought Jessi an engagement ring earlier today on eBay, which is supposed to ship this afternoon, meaning I should -- in theory -- have it Friday or Saturday. There's only one problem with this... that is that we had planned on going shopping for her ring on Saturday. If the ring arrives on Friday, then it'll be no problem at all... if not, well, I may have to come up with some kind of excuse as to why we can't go shopping for it.

Still trying to decide exactly when and where to propose formally... should it be in private, or should I make it a public thing? So far as public goes... there would be the Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning... or I could wait until Saturday night when my brother and his wife come over for dinner... or I could really wait, and do it at my birthday party next month (which I think would be waiting just too long).


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  1. Congrats! If I could remember how my brother proposed. Just put your heart into it, because if you are anything like me, you would be jitters. One of my favorite parts of this blog is hearing about the two of you. I can tell you have found a kindred spirit, and a special love.


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