Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another short note...

...before I head back to work. I went to Target to buy a new wallet ('cause Krypto chewed up my old one, see post below)... and while there, I hit the toy department, and was lucky enough to find the last of the Target Exclusive JLU toys I needed! Now I just have to find the one with Aztek and Sinestro, and I'll be all caught up!

I tried Shopko to see if I could find that one there, but they didn't have any of the three-packs... but they did have this sewing machine I think I mentioned before, so I bought it ($24!) and some pins. I've got a roll of leftover paper at work I need to remember to bring home tonight, which I'll use to create the patterns on... so work should begin on the Superman costume tonight!


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  1. Jon,

    I am all tingly with anticipation, great looking set of rings by the way.

    Oh, and just to let you know, Marvel has Godzilla Essentials #1 for January. You can see it in the January Previews at www.newsarama.com.

    All the best


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