Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Anticipation is Over...

Sorry I didn't post this update last night, but our wireless network was being wonky...

I got off work early Tuesday night, at about 6, and had already called Jessi to let her know we would be going out to dinner. Of course, there was no secret as to why we were going to dinner, but I played it as if it was. I originally thought we'd go to Applebee's for dinner, but they'd just opened a new Ram location in Olympia, and Jessi figured if we were going out to dinner for the reason she figured we were, she wanted a steak!

We had a 15 minute wait for a booth, and Jessi ordered a steak and baked potato, while I ordered the baked chicken dijon with french fries (I was still trying to eat healthy, while keeping a celebratory mood... the chicken was very good, but the flavor stayed in my mouth for an hour after we left). After we got our drinks and ordered, I popped the question... I had a bit of a speech planned, that in my head was going to cover everything I wanted to say... but as best I can recall now, this was the gist of what I told her last night... (and for those of you new to this blog, or who don't know me at all... Barbara was my first wife, who passed away a few years back)

"When I lost Barbara, I didn't think I'd ever really be happy again. But meeting you, and getting to know you, I'm happy again. So many things that have come up between us that would've been a deal-breaker for other relationships have only strengthened us, or didn't have any effect. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Of course, Jessi said yes! So now, I can officially refer to her as my fiancee.

When we left the restaurant, she tried calling several of her friends to deliver the news, but most of them weren't answering their phones! I'm sure by the end of today, however, she'll have filled in everyone she can think of.

In other news... last night, I created the patterns for most of my Superman costume... that is, everything but the boots, which I still need to figure out how I'm going to assemble them. So far as the tights go, I purposely designed the patterns so that I had lots of extra room in them... rather than making it 100% perfectly fitting. I figured this would allow me to alter it once I've sewn it and tried it on, and can see exactly what needs to be tightened, and where!



  1. Hey, congrats, sounds like all went very well. I, for one, was glad to see this unfold. It has been nice to be a fly on the wall as it were. All the best to you and your fiancee.

  2. Jesse Willis7:36 AM

    Congratulations! I share at least three lists with you and have for years. I can remember when you lost your wife and how sad you were. And followed the years and moves later. It’s great to watch you recover and move forward with your life. I wish you and Jessi all the best and hope you live happy ever after.
    Your Pal,

  3. Thanks for the congratulations, Justin and Jesse... I really appreciate it!



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