Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy Weekend!

So, Friday was payday, and when I woke up, it was raining.

OK, backing up a bit... I mentioned I was riding my bike to work in a previous post, and I did that all through Thursday... although when I was riding home on Thursday, the chain came off the bike, and it was too dark for me to see well enough to get the chain back on, so Jessi drove over and "rescued" me (and I was very close to home, too... if it weren't for the rain, I would've walked the bike home).

We completely forgot that Smallville's new season premiered on Thursday night... didn't even set the VCR for it! So if any of you guys reading this happened to tape it, and still have the tape, and would be willing to lend it to me, please write me at, okay?

Anyway, on to Friday... Friday was payday, and when I woke up, it was raining. Since I wasn't willing to get the seat of my pants soaked (my bike has no fenders -- Thursday's ride definitely got me wet!), plus I wanted to stop at the comics shop, I decided to drive.

I had a huge haul to pick up at Olympic Cards and Comics this time around, because I hadn't been there for four weeks! Between all the comics and the two volumes of DC's new Showcase (their version of Essentials), I spent almost $130! Good grief! I'll start posting mini-reviews tonight, if things go as planned.

Jessi, who has more rain gear than I do, went for a 25 mile bike ride with her friend Amanda at 5 Friday night, so when I got off work at 5:15 (we always finish early on Fridays), I drove home and started reading comics while waiting for her to get home. Once she did, we had dinner (Subway club sandwiches - 5 points for 1/2 a sandwich, with no cheese or mayo), and then we had to get to PetSmart for dog food and dog treats, and then to the grocery store.

While we were at PetSmart, there was dog training going on, and two of the dogs there were boxer puppies! Since Jessi and I are boxer people, naturally, we had to hang around until the class was over so we could tell their owners about our Boxer Meet-Up group, which meets the first Saturday of each month so our boxers can all play together (our next meet-up is scheduled for today, but it's raining right now, so if it doesn't let up, it'll be rescheduled).

Then it was on to the grocery store, and we kind of went overboard. OK, I went overboard. We had run out of a lot of essential items that I like to keep on-hand, and that brought the total bill up quite a bit... it took us two shopping carts to get the stuff to the car!

Saturday morning was weigh-in time at Weight Watchers, and I had another decent weight loss week, losing about 2 1/2 pounds, and lowering my current weight to just under 220! Since I wasn't at an even five-pound loss, I didn't get a celebration, but next week, I should get my next one (you get a celebration for every five pound loss).

After WW, naturally we had our regular Saturday 9 am walk with the dogs, and we did an extra lap around the park, because the dogs seemed to need it. Then it was home for breakfast, and then it was time to go shopping!

We had a lot of shopping we wanted to do this weekend... we both wanted some new clothes to wear, so Value Village (a great place to shop when you're losing weight) was our first stop. I found a pair of jeans that were 34/34's that I figured if I couldn't quite get into them now, I would soon (I've been down to a 36 for a while, but those were feeling a bit loose lately). We were also looking for Halloween costumes, and VV is a good place for that, too. Well, it was for Jessi and KO, anyway! Jessi wanted to be a Spider Sorceress and KO her giant spider familiar. While Jessi looked for work clothes, I hit the costume stuff, and found about a half-dozen costumes for her that I thought would work, which she then chose one. And then, while I was looking to see if there were any kids' Superman costumes (so I wouldn't have to make Krypto's cape), I came across a toddler's black widow spider outfit, which will be adapted later today to fit KO!

From there, we went to Fred Meyer. I checked out the Halloween costumes there for myself and Krypto, but wasn't impressed with what I found. Now, long-time readers of this column may recall reading (I think I mentioned this) that just before my vacation, I had found all six of the second wave of Justice League Unlimited figures at Target, but had to return them because I needed that money for our vacation. At Fred Meyer, I managed to find three of those six!

After Freddy's, we popped back home to eat some lunch, and let the dogs out for a bit. Jessi still needed shoes for work (she recently got a promotion of sorts, which I'd imagine she'll write about in her own blog or web page, which I will have to provide the link for here once I have it), so we stopped at a few clothing stores, finishing up at Target where she did find some. At Target, I also found two of the other JLU figure sets, plus one I hadn't seen or even heard of! It featured Green Lantern (2nd season version), the Martian Manhunter, and... Orion of the New Gods, plus a copy of the first issue of the JLU comic book! I don't know if there are any other sets of these out there (the back of the package just shows the second wave figures -- by the way, the one I still need to find has Superman, Aztek and Sinestro).

If you don't want to get the three-pack figures, or if you just want a Green Arrow with a bow (as well as a Dr. Fate with magic effects), there are some single-figure packs out there.

I completely forgot to look for the Krypto toys, which may be just as well.

So, back home from our major shopping, and I neeeded to get the kitchen clean and start preparing stuff for dinner. Our friends Dan and Amanda (whom we know from Weight Watchers -- and this is the same Amanda who went for a bike ride with Jessi) were coming over for dinner, and we had Whiting fillets, mashed squash, corn on the cob, and some melon grown in our own garden. We had cheese popcorn for dessert while we played Mah Johngg.

Dan and Amanda are a great couple, and there's some bizarre parallels between us! Dan and I are the same sign, and Amanda and Jessi are the same sign (Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively). Amanda and I both work with computers, and Dan and Jessi both work in the education field. Dan's into comics, I'm into comics... Jessi and Amanda are both into exercise more than Dan and I are.

So we had a great time last night, and went to bed pretty much as soon as they left.

Today should be a less busy day than yesterday... it's raining now, so we probably will skip the 9 am dog walk, and then after breakfast, we may go out to find the fabric to make Krypto's cape. Our Boxer Meet-Up is scheduled for 2, and if the weather's decent, that'll happen as planned.

After the Meet-Up, Jessi wants to take KO to a friend's house, to see about adapting that spider costume for KO. The plan is to leave Krypto at home, and I think I may stay home with him... I don't always get as much time with Krypto as I'd like, you know?

More posting later tonight!


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