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Comics Mini-Reviews! (The next 8)

Here's eight more mini-reviews! Your comments are welcome (and able to be posted now!):

Green Lantern Corps Recharged #1: I've long been a fan of the GLC, but I'd been alternatively looking forward to this, and then dreading it. The last time we had two GL series, it was the regular series plus a quarterly anthology, and the anthology didn't last all that long (and the quarterly format weakened it, in my opinion). I'm happy to say, however, that my dread was unwarranted. I really enjoyed this first issue, and it was very well-written, and the characters read true. The art was pretty good, as well. One of the things I enjoyed most about it was the way the characters were introduced, so that you didn't need to know who they were going into things!

Seven Soldiers: Guardian of Manhattan #4: One thing that's been annoying to me with the Seven Soldiers books is that each mini-series didn't really have their own ending... it's the same feeling I got with the Adam Strange miniseries. This one had an ending of it's own, in a way... we got to see the rise of the new Guardian character, but this last issue, with the introduction of the Newsboy Army's history, was kind of a bizarre thing to throw into the last issue of a miniseries. I would've liked to have seen more of a tie-in with the original Newsboys, or at least an acknowledgement of them and the original Guardian, but unless I missed it, it just wasn't there.

JLA #118: The Martian Manhunter and Aquaman square off against Despero, while the remainder of the League (especially the 70s team) argue about what to do with the Secret Society villains and their knowledge of the secret IDs. Zatanna quits and heads off to the Amazons' island, where she talks to Supergirl and Wonder Woman, and Batman and Catwoman have their own encounter with Despero! Lots of stuff in this issue, and things are heating up!

Hawkman #44: Things are not as they have seemed in this storyline... particularly the Golden Eagle! Unfortunately, this issue reminded me a lot of the JLU episode from a week or two back that introduced the JLU's Hawkman! Things look to be getting resolved in this storyline in the next issue, though... and it appears this plot has all taken place well before the Countdown miniseries.

Son of Vulcan #4: So, here we are, 2/3 of the way through this mini, and things are finally starting to pick up. I really get the feeling that this would've progressed at a much more interesting pace if it had been a 4 issue miniseries, instead of 6. There's a lot of padding, and we're introduced to a bunch of supervillains we've never seen before (so far as I know), all to help support the idea that Vulcan has been around for a while, and people should know who he is. I dunno... I would've rather liked the idea of a superhero who has that level of power, but isn't known about by the world at large.

Superman #221: What a misleading cover! It gives you the idea that Bizarro and Zoom will be battling or racing throughout the issue, but that doesn't even start until the end. Bizarro instead is dealing with Superman for the most part. I don't think many DC writers really have a good handle on Bizarro, because there is zero consistency in how his illogic operates... and yes, I believe here should be a logic to his illogic... if it just randomly changes all over the place, then Bizarro just becomes subject to the slightest whim of whoever writes him, with no responsibility on the writer to be consistent. Also, let me mention here that the editor of the Superman titles needs to decide 1) How old Jimmy Olsen is (it's notoriously variable from one Superman title to the next), and 2) Just what the heck his job is supposed to be! Depending on which title you read, he's working on his own, or he's working with this hot young female reporter, or he's working with this older guy!

Villains United #5: I'm going to be sorry to see this title go... because it's my favorite of the Countdown titles, and it gives a fresh perspective to many of these characters. There are betrayals within the Secret Six villains, which is to be expected -- these guys are villains, after all, and there's no honor among thieves! It's been a rollicking good ride, and I've loved it.

Blood of the Demon #7: Hard to believe we're already seven issues into the title... because it doesn't seem like I've read seven issues of story yet. Byrne appears to be taking his time here, tearing the Demon and Jason Blood apart so he can put them back together as he wants. If that's the case, it would've been nice to know about it going into things. As it is, as much as I usually enjoy Byrne's stuff (I love his Doom Patrol stories), this book is facing the chopping block.

And that's the second group of eight mini-reviews! Tonight, another 8!


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    I just wish some non humanoid GL's had shown up, like the eyeball with tentacles, etc.


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