Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mini-Reviews - And Up To Date, Too!

Got new comics this morning... and read 'em already (well, except for Showcase Presents Metamorpho)... so here's some mini-reviews!

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4: So, Donna is reborn... and I'll be damned if Jimenez didn't completely turn things around with this issue, making me happy to have stuck with it! This issue leads into Infinite Crisis, but it does so in such a way (as well as tell us exactly what the deal with Donna is) that I have to say it's just cool!

Justice League Unlimited #14: I still love this book... if you like the cartoon, you'll love the comic!

JSA #78: Another comic leading in to Infinite Crisis... but you know, I don't mind it in this issue... because there's so much of interest in here! I could complain that, due to shipping schedules being pretty messed up, this issue should've come out before the last issue of Day of Vengeance... but I'll let it go. We get some stuff with Thunderbolt and Mordru that seems to provide some clue as to what may be happening with IC, too.

Son of Vulcan #5: OK, things are starting to pick up with this issue... and it's about time, too! Sheesh... only one issue left to go of this? Why do I have a feeling #6 will lead into IC by the time it's done?

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #2: A nice follow-up to the first issue here! Superman and Captain Marvel team up, unaware that Luthor and Sivana are doing much the same (just not as friendly).

The Incredible Hulk #87: So, here we are with the final issue of PAD's latest run on the Hulk... and... um... I feel a little let down, I have to admit. I suppose part of that is that the previous two issues were House of M crossovers, and this issue cleans up the mess that was left because of that. Anyway, next issue is a new creative team, and I suppose I'll give them a shot... but if they don't impress me with the first issue... Jon Drop!

Rann-Thanagar War #6: Getting really frustrated with stuff ending, only to be continued in another miniseries.... first the Adam Strange mini led into this one, now this leads into IC. Well, at least this mini is done with.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #8: Spidey vs. the Scorpion... will Peter defeat the Scorpion in time for his study date with Liz? Read the book to find out! It's good!

And that's it for this week! Whew!



  1. Marvel Age Spidey was very good. Only a few very trivial complaints from me, why not go with the slightly more lethal version of Scorpion? Don't like the look of Harry Po... er Peter Parker.

    I think Sean McKeever's mark on Spidey books might well be Flash in a cowboy hat. It was done in the Mary Jane series too. It is a strange development to me.

    Did you get a peek at the Spidey Sketchbook out this week? I can guarantee one thing, I may not like the story of the other (cept for PAD's part) but I will love Mike Weiringo's art!

  2. Glen Davis4:23 PM

    I felt that the ending of Rann/Thanagar War felt a little tacked on, but I remember that the Battle of New Orleans happened after the War of 1812 was over, and that it isn't at all unusual for such things to happen.

    Neither side was defeated, so it's perfectly logical for the war to go on.

    I thought one of the truly great things about this mini is that we have a sci fi war, and not a whiff of Iraq symbology.


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