Friday, October 14, 2005

Mini-Reviews! (Caution: Infinite Crisis Spoilers Ahead!)

If you haven't read Infinite Crisis #1 yet, and don't want it spoiled (nearly impossible these days, with all the reviews), you may want to hold off reading the last of these entries until you do... fair warning!

Action Comics #832: Hmmm... here's an issue that, frankly, should've been published a bit earlier, and could've been listed as a tie-in with the whole Day of Vengeance miniseries. A giant Spectre is in Metropolis, seeking out Lord Satanus. This is probably my favorite issue of Action since Byrne started drawing it again, the characterisations are spot-on, and it's a good story. I'm not familiar with writers Dan Arnett and Andy Lanning, but they did a darn good job!

Hawkman #45: The current storyline gets wrapped up, we find out the true origin of Golden Eagle (still reminds me a bit of a recent JLU episode, but I digress)... and we find out just how smart Hawkman really is, as he laid out a plan, and executed it flawlessly. We also see some hope for the relationship between Carter and Kendra. Unfortunate timing in that this has all taken place before the Countdown stuff -- heck, the next issue leads into the Rann-Thanagar War, after all, which is already finished -- but at least DC gave the creative team the chance not to interrupt their story!

JLA #120: It's a world without a Justice League, as a group of heroes who have been JLA'ers in the past gather for a post-mortem. Yeah, like the JLA won't be reformed somehow. It's a fairly new take on the whole thing, though... nobody's immediately stepping up to reform the League, and the issue really takes pains to show how the distrust has torn the League apart.

Villains United #6: Wow... a very surprising twist in this issue! SPOILER ALERT We find out there are TWO -- Count 'em, TWO! -- Luthors, and they're on opposing sides in this whole conflict! That really surprises me. Luthor headed the Secret Society, but that was a "false" Luthor (or perhaps it's the original Alex Luthor of Earth-2?)... the "real" Luthor was Mockingbird! And here I'd half-expected it to be revealed that Amanda Waller was Mockingbird. A nice set-up for IC.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #5: Still digging the heck out of this book! A scientist's Stargate-style apparatus unleashes dinosaurs in New York, and it's up to the FF to corral them back through. Good stuff!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1: Only one complaint about Peter David's first Spider-Book in way too long... why did it have to be part 1 of 12? Still, it was a great story for Part 1, and I loved his writing on the characters. Hopefully, the 12-part "The Other" storyline will go by quickly, and PAD will be allowed to keep his book all to himself.

Marvel Knights 4 #23: A very fun issue here... a new writer on the book uses some very meta elements to put himself into the story, but in a way that's very fun! I'm reminded a bit of Mark Waid's first FF issue... I would've preferred a done-in-one tale, but I do feel very satisfied with this issue, and look forward to the next one.

Infinite Crisis #1: OK, to be honest, nothing's really moved forward, plot-wise, with this first issue... it's all set-up, but I don't have a problem with that. If you haven't followed all the Countdown stuff, this does get you caught up with all that's happened. Some mysterious shadowy figures are watching everything that's going on... from Superboy's current personal crisis, the JLA's break-up, the OMACs, the Rann-Thanagar War, Day of Vengeance... OK, there were some plot advancements, as several members of the Freedom Fighter apparently meet their dooms, and Mongul battles the Big Three in the wreckage of the Watchtower... and some other stuff... it's all very dark, and very negative... until that last, final page... BIGTIME SPOILER ALERT! ...when we discover that the people watching are Superman of Earth 2, Lois Lane of Earth 2, Alexander Luthor of Earth 3, and Superboy of Earth-Prime! We've seen most of the major players from CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS show up now... Pariah's been in VILLAINS UNITED, and we've discovered that Donna Troy (or rather, an aspect of her) is Harbinger... that pretty much leaves Lady Quark out of the mix (although I vaugely recall something was done to her). So, Infinite Crisis... rumors have it that the DCU will be brightened by it, and that it's all about what heroes are supposed to be... and I'm all for that! Bring it on!



  1. Thanks for the info on your blog... I waited till I had all the 6 issues of each miniseries so I could read them in a couple sittings and take notes since I am a marvel zombie in DCU training!!! Batman I have read since Dark Night returns, the cult and so on. I stopped collecting after the year Image hit the market. But that’s not why. Girls, college and money did that. Then I slowly started in 2001.I started reading Spider Man, DD, FF and X-men then DC was the big buzz with Identity Crisis then I was a changed man DCU ruled in its own way…So I started with all the basics flash, teen Titans Superman/Batman and JLA's. Its been a about a year now. And I got all the OMAC’s, the 4-issue Superman sacrifice tie-in. I read the Rann-Thanagar War and VILLAINS UNITED love it. All day into the night I was taking notes reading everything and learning all about the characters that were new to me.... all of it was exciting. I didn’t read Day of Vengeance well just the first issue I didn’t really like it. But 2.50 times 6 I will or do I need to. My mind was all ready shot from all the info from Omac, Rann, VU and tie-ins I skipped Day of Vengeance... Do you think I should reed it? I heard it has little impact on IC? The But then I read IC #1 and I think I need to go back and learn all those characters and see how it ties in to IC
    I’m missing I’m missing wonder Woman 120 and JLA 118, 117, 116 Do you think in need these issues?
    If any one has some info on what Earth 1 and Earth 2? Well its 3:30AM I’m going to Listen TO Conic Geek Speak the best pod cast out there is... Cheers and peace Daniel AKA Red_headed_geek

  2. You can probably skip Day of Vengeance if you want... heck, you shouldn't read any comics you don't want to read! Same goes for WW and those JLA issues (I didn't get the WW issue myself, but I've been getting JLA anyway).

    There should be quite a few websites about DC's multiple Earths... although so far as I'm concerned, the best way to learn about them is to buy the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS trade paperbacks, which reprint the JLA/JSA team-up stories!



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