Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mini-Reviews - The Final Chapter!

Well, the final chapter of this group, anyway... completing the mini-reviews of the books I bought on Friday!

The Omac Project #6: OK, first of all, props for the two-page spread with all the super-heroes facing off against the Omacs... I always get a kick out of stuff like that, although I would've liked to see more of them battling. As should come as no surprise by now, of course, this leads into the whole Infinite Crisis thing... but there was actually a resolution to this miniseries while leading into IC! A much better ending than I was expecting.

Flash #226: A nice "done-in-one" issue here, as Wally West takes some "down time." Recommended.

JLA #119: So... the final (well, latest final, anyway) battle with Despero... and in the aftermath, Batman questions if Catwoman's becoming an ally was her choice or not, while J'onn J'onzz regrets not listening to the Blue Beetle. Then, someone in a red cape appears before the Watchtower goes boom! Who could it be in the red cape? We'll have to wait for IC to find out. Probably the only book that directly leads into IC.

Doom Patrol #16: I'm still digging this book, and I wish I knew which issue is supposed to be the last one... I know there's at least one more, and I suppose I should give props to DC for letting Byrne wrap up his storylines.

Adventures of Superman #644: A good issue, this one... Superman talks to Zatanna about what she's done and needs to do, and the two of them deal with Toyman.

Showcase Presents Green Lantern #1: Over 500 pages of Hal Jordan for $9.95? I knew I'd love this before I got it... and having finished reading it just before posting this, I can say that, while some of the stories weren't all that original (Hal suffered from a lot of accidents that knocked him out), it's definitely worth getting and reading!

And that wraps it all up! Thursday, I get a new week's books, and we'll see when I post those mini-reviews!



  1. I wish you read more Marvel Jon, I would have more to comment on. I might stick my toe a bit farther in the pool that is DC when the crossovers end, and the rumored "lighter" heroes make a comeback.

    I am going to pick up "52" though.

  2. Glen Davis4:26 PM

    One of the major disappointments with OMAC< aside from important events happening in other books, is that they really didn't develop the spy genre conventions at all. Really the only nod to the genre were the leather catsuits that Sasha and whatsername wore.


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