Monday, October 03, 2005

Mini-Reviews: The Next 8!

Continuing with the mini-reviews...

Supergirl #2: So this issue, Supergirl meets Superboy, and they have a throwdown with the Titans. As a result, the second issue of Supergirl's title reads more like an issue of Teen Titans than Supergirl... in fact, the Titans seem to get the lion's share of the issue. As much as I enjoy interconnecting titles together... frankly, I'm getting a little tired of the overuse of it lately. The Power Girl story in JSA Classified crossed over last issue, and this ties in with the Superboy story in Titans... I suppose that Loeb's just establishing Supergirl's place in the DCU, but let's not forget whose book this is, eh?

All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #2: I'm beginning to think that Miller has lost it... I mean, the dialogue Batman has in this issue is so completely out of character that people are already making fun of it elsewhere on the internet! I'm seriously thinking that I got the complete wrong idea as to what the All-Star line was supposed to be about, too... it kind of reads like "Ultimate Batman and Robin," if you get my meaning. What I thought it was supposed to be were reader-friendly stories which would feature the characters in a way that anyone could pick up on and read without having to keep up with current continuity... but for crying out loud, that doesn't mean you retell Robin's origin and completely change it, as well as expand it out to a half-dozen issues! I may rant more about this later on.

Teen Titans Go! #23: It's good, if you like the cartoon, you'll like the comic. This issue was one of its better ones, too!

Justice League Unlimited #13: See comment for Teen Titans Go! #13.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7: This is still the only Spider-Man comic I'm buying -- at least until Peter David's new Spidey-book. I still plan to get it... and that should tell you something: This book is good!

Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #4: Unfortunately, Marvel's no longer shipping this, MA Spidey and MA FF the same week... so I'll probably drop the flip book and just get MA Spidey and MA FF. Having said that... this was another great issue. The FF story could easily be the "real" FF, save for the costumes!

Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005: DC's attempting to make the link between the current Outsiders and the Teen Titans so important that those who buy one book should buy the other. Well, that's all well and good, but I just don't dig these Outsiders. Having said that... I did enjoy the Titans portion of this one-shot.

Superman/Shazam! First Thunder #1: This was a decent first issue... The art doesn't really grab me, but the story's pretty good... and since I want to see DC do more with Captain Marvel, I figure I should buy books like this one! It is a bit darker than I prefer Cap's stories to be, but I can forgive that this time.


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  1. I am enjoying Supergirl. At times this did feel like it was someone else's comic. And I worry that it might stray into what made me drop Batman/Superman which was just an inability to follow the series.

    But at the same time I like that Supergirl seems to be having a very crap time at what she is doing. It creates the conflict... somebody stronger then Superman, and her worst enemy is looking to be herself.

    As for All-Star Batman, I had to drop it. The dialogue was so repitious. A friend of mine said it felt like somebody was trying to write Frank Miller, and more in a parody sense. I will try All-Star Superman, but it sounds like it will be swimming in continuity.

    It is the same problem I had with DC when I first started comics, there is too much to fast. One doesn't feel as though they could get the whole story easily. I will chalk alot of that now up to preference though.

    And, I have to agree on MA Spider-Man, Sean McKeever brought so much to this title. It is not great, but it is getting there. Which is more then I can say for other Spidey titles.

    And PAD's Spidey next week!!!


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