Sunday, October 30, 2005

Saturday Night report!

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The photo there doesn't have anything to do with this blog entry... I just thought I'd show you kind of what KO's costume looked like!

Anyway... so we were both tired from Bones & Treats, but Jessi was really tired... she took a nap (I can't nap anymore... when I do, I end up staying up as much later than usual as I napped for), and I went to work in the kitchen, preparing stuff for dinner!

Dinner Saturday night was home-made pizza, and I started by preparing the sauce, and letting it simmer while I made the dough. I use whole-wheat flour for my pizza dough, supplemented with a bit of Bisquick Reduced Fat mix. The recipie I use lets me make us each a fairly decent-sized pizza (Jessi's was turkey pepperoni, mine was Hawaiian style) using 2% cheddar cheese and fat-free mozzarella for less points than we'd have if we split one of those "thin crust de-lite" pizzas from Papa Murphy's.

After pizza, we watched Teen Titans... and then started watching Law & Order, but Jessi was called away to help a friend out with a situation before the hour was over. I was lying on the couch with Krypto, and by 9:30 or so, Jessi wasn't back, and I was exhausted, so I went to bed. Jessi got home about 10 minutes after that.


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  1. I love your costume.

    Your mistress looks good too.


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