Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Night Wrap-Up!

So, the rest of Sunday ended up being busy... we didn't go for the 9 am dog walk, as I mentioned before... but we ended up going out doing more shopping for Halloween costumes! We did get the material for Krypto's cape (and all it needs now is the insignia, since I'm not dressing him as the cartoon Krypto)... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We drove over to the Westside of Olympia to hit the Spirit store, to see if they had the Superman costume in stock, but they weren't open yet, so we ran over to Goodwill for a bit. I found a few more shirts there, which were very nice, and very inexpensive! Jessi found most of the rest of her Halloween costume there, as well.

From there, we went to Party City, which was pretty much a waste of time... no Superman costumes there, either, although Jessi found a few more things for her costume... which we didn't end up buying, because the cashiers there were so damned slow that we figured we could get what we wanted at the Spirit Halloween Superstore.

So, we headed to Spirit, and there were people standing around outside the store. There was a sign on the door saying, "Temporarily Closed." Nothing else... no "We will reopen at _________," they even took their phones off the hook! So, we popped over to Toys R Us, which is across the street. Wasn't able to find the last JLU figures I needed, but they had the new Krypto toy line (they're in the preschool section). They had Krypto, Streaky, Bat-Hound, Mekani-Cat, and Hot Dog, but I just bought Krypto today. The likenesses are dead-on, but at $10 each... they are a bit pricey (I'll probably go back before the end of the week to get the others, though).

Back to Spirit... and they were still closed. So we ran home to let the dogs out, and have some lunch. Then, we headed to a fabric and craft shop, to find a few more things for Jessi's costume, and that's where we got the material for Krypto's cape. I also noticed they had all the material, and in the right colors, for us to get the materials we'd need to custom-make a Superman costume for me!

About this time, we determined it was raining too much for our scheduled Boxer Meet-Up, so it was cancelled. We went back to Value Village, as Jessi had another idea for her costume (yeah, it changed a few times while we were shopping -- unfortunately, the original costume we bought for her can't be returned, so I'll likely throw it up on eBay tomorrow night, cheap).

We went home after that, to unload the car. Jessi had arranged to go to her friend's house to work on her costume and KO's, and remember I was going to stay with Krypto while she and KO went? Well... the dogs ended up staying, and I went. They first took care of the girls' costumes, and then spent a few minutes getting Krypto's cape prepared (well, the material didn't need hemming, so it was just a matter of cutting it, and sewing the top of it so the collar could go through it.

I'll be making the insignia myself, once I get more ink for my printer and buy more iron-on transfer sheets.

Anyway, we left the friends' house, and figured we'd call Spirit to see if they weren't temporarily closed still... and they were open after all! So we ran over there, and yes, they had the Superman costume in stock... in Medium and Large. I tried the Large one on, and it was a bit small... particularly in the crotch area. Specifically, the body wasn't long enough, so it pinched in places you don't want pinched.

Gotta admit, the costume looked pretty good, though! When we got back from that, I hit the 'net in search of the extra-large version of the costume. I found one--count 'em one--website that had it in stock. However, it was going to cost $62 with shipping, and my concern was that if we got it, and that didn't fit, I'd be stuck with a costume I couldn't return, or we'd have to try to modify it somehow, and I'd have to run to every fabric shop in Thurston County trying to find material that matched the costume, so I could make new leggings...

So now... I'll be making the costume myself. We don't have a sewing machine, or even access to one... so how will I do this? Well, I either have to hand-sew it, or we'll have to get a sewing machine of some kind. I remember that there are these mini hand-held sewing machines that were fairly cheap, that are supposed to work well... so I may hunt one of them down... and then make the patterns and start working on it. Hopefully, it won't take long!

And yes... once the costume is done, I'll likely post a pic of Krypto and myself in full mufti!

Only remaining problem with this costume... my mustache will have to go, and I'll need a haircut, as my hair's pretty long these days! However, I have been thinking that I might be ready for a change in the follicle department anyway.

More on that as it develops!


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