Monday, October 31, 2005

Sunday Update!

Sheesh, this is being posted late...

Anyway... So Sunday morning, 10 hours of sleep later than the last post ended at, both Jessi and I were much more refreshed! We took the dogs for their 9 am walk, and came home and had breakfast.

We weren't sure what our plans were for the day... Jessi had planned on going for a bike ride, but she wasn't able to reach the two friends who were interested in going... well, three friends, really, but one dropped out fairly quickly.

While waiting for them to reach her, I blogged away... but then Jessi got a phone call... Krypto had won the costume contest at Petco, and the prize was a $25 gift card! Woo-hoo! Although to be honest, I think that my being the living "accessory" to Krypto's costume turned the tide for us. Either way, it ended up being much more of a prize than we anticipated!

The dogs were put to bed (they'd had enough excitement for one weekend), and we headed over to Petco to claim the card and use it. Since we'd accumulated so many treats on Saturday's Bones & Treats excursion, I figured we'd use it to get the dogs some new toys that they couldn't destroy right away (something made of hard rubber, perhaps... cloth toys tend to be torn apart way too quickly). We considered this toy and that toy... ended up choosing just one Air Bud thing, or something like that... basically it's a tennis ball, but stretched out like a bar, about a foot long or so. Then we decided to look around some more.

We did see a crate that cost $230 that would be much more comfy for Krypto (I swear he's outgrowing the large crate he stays in when we're not home) that could easily earn the name "Doghouse of Solitude," but alas, I couldn't really afford to purchase it.

So we looked around some more. They have a "rawhide bar" at Petco, where you can buy rawhide chews by the pound, but while I was looking at that, Jessi spotted a clearance table... and just about everything on it was marked down to $1.00.

Yep, $1.00. We went a bit nuts there... picking out toys, new denim collars and leashes, a few rawhide bones... even a coat Jessi thought would fit Krypto (but to be honest, I figured we'd be lucky if it fit KO -- and it ended up being too small for her). I ended up spending about $8.50 of my own money by the time we were done, but we got about $180 worth of stuff, at original retail prices! Some deal, eh?

The rest of the day passed without anything really special happening. Jessi made spaghetti for dinner (she was in the mood for her "grandma's spaghetti" -- which is Hunt's spaghetti sauce and ground beef -- as opposed to my start from scratch with veggies and seasonings, and letting it cook for a few hours -- but it was all right), and I used the leftover pizza dough from Saturday to make a few pizza pockets, which are a few points more than the Weight Watchers' frozen pizzas, but infinitely more filling and satisfying (besides, I could make mine Hawaiian style). Those are in the freezer for use at a later meal.

Jessi also remembered that she has a potluck at work today... so I quickly whipped up a low-point pasta salad for her to bring (I should really look in the fridge to make sure she brought it with her, in case I need to bring it by).

This morning... assuming I don't have to stop by her work with the salad... I've got to run to the bank and deposit the check from her for her half of the rent, and then I'm thinking I might run over to Petco again and pick up more of the stuff from the dollar table to sell on eBay!

Tonight, I'll see about getting the mini-reviews posted... and I really need to get to work on the transcription job that got delayed due to making the Superman costume!

One final note: Check out Tony Isabella's Tony's Online Tips for today for a special guest-appearance by me in my Superman costume -- which you've seen before, but I like to plug these cross-over events. And don't forget my weekly Cover Stories column, which this week features to Comics They Never Made!



  1. Always good to plug Tony. I mean that is a solid super column. And that cross-referencing is what brought me here.

    Not to make you think I want to be your competition. But how might I go about getting into transcription? What is the best approach? Thanks for any info, and congrats on the contest win!

  2. Well, Justin, so far as getting into transcription... I used to do it as part of my job when I was a word processor. But about five years or so, I saw an ad in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR that told me TwoMorrows was looking for transcribers... specifically, people who were accurate, fast, and had a Mac with MS Word (most jobs prefer getting Word files).

    I responded, gave them my info, and I was on my way, doing hours of transcriptions for COMIC BOOK ARTIST every month, and that's led to other jobs, as well.

    I highly recommend, if you're going to get into doing this kind of work, that you buy a transcription machine with foot pedal... you really don't want to be reaching over and hitting the rewind button on a standard tape recorder over and over and over again! That's what I was doing when I first started, but after getting a transcription machine, my speed went up quite a bit.

    So far as how to get started... I'd say contacting various magazines is a good way to go... which ones depend on what rates you're expecting. My current rate is $30 per hour of recorded tape, broken down by 15 minute segments (or, $7.50 per 15 minutes). Like I said, this is for recorded tape... not my time! When I began doing this, I was getting $20 per tape -- and it didn't matter if it was a 30 minute tape or a 90 minute tape... but the trend went to 90 minute tapes real fast!

    My rate is, admittedly, on the high end of things... I think most freelancers are closer to the $20 range. But bear in mind that even at my speed, the ratio of recorded time to actual time transcribing can easily be 1:3 or even 1:4... that is, for every hour of recording, I can spend anywhere from 3 to 4 hours doing transcribing... a lot depends on the quality of the recording, as well as how fast and clear the people are talking!



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