Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday Morning...

...and I'm happy to report that, save for a few possible very minor adjustments... the Superman costume is finished! Of course, I have yet to try on the entire ensemble (which is why there's no photo accompanying this blog entry), but that will come late tonight!

Wow, it has been a lot of work... and especially after sewing up the boot covers last night, the tip of my index finger is still sore from pushing the needle through!

In other news... Tuesday night is one of our "must see TV" nights around here... starting with NBC's "The Biggest Loser" (which was a 90-minute episode) and then going to ABC's "Commander-In-Chief" (which, thanks to "The Biggest Loser" running an extra half-hour, we missed the first half of... sheesh, we've got to get a DVR one of these days). As I've mentioned before, Jessi and I are both big "Law and Order" (and the various spin-offs, SVU and Criminal Intent) fans, but we rarely watch the first-run episodes... namely because most of them air at 10:00, which is when Jessi goes to bed... the exception to that is Sunday's Criminal Intent, which even then, we sometimes miss.

Anyway... I wasn't able to follow the last half of CIC, as I was pretty focused on sewing the boots, but I did pay attention to TBL. In case you don't watch it, "The Biggest Loser" is a reality show of sorts, in which overweight people learn to eat right and get enough exercise in an attempt to be the person who loses the most weight by the end of the show. Given that it is a reality show, of course, at the end of each episode, someone is voted off. Up until last night's episode, the teams were the men vs. the women, which was really unfair... as Jessi and I can attest, men just naturally seem to be able to lose weight faster than women, and as of the beginning of last night's episode, there were three women left and five men in the competition... so they changed things up last night, with the group as a whole being split into four groups of two people each.

A regular part of the show, early in each episode, is the temptation challenge. In this challenge, the contestants are given an opportunity to gain some benefit (usually financial) but risk something to help them lose weight. In a previous episode, for example, they went to Las Vegas, and they had the chance to play a game of high/low to win some money, but if they did that, they couldn't use their personal trainer the rest of that week.

So this week's temptation was a biggie... there were these eight covered trays, and on one of them was the opportunity to choose the teams, while the others were food (Twinkies, hot dog, pizza, carrot sticks, and so on). Two of the contestants didn't do the temptation... the rest did, and one of them, Pete, earned the right to choose the teams.

Now, if you ask me, Pete was almost stupidly noble. In an attempt to be fair, he chose to team up with this doctor (I forget his name, everyone's been calling him "Doc"), while he matched up the others in male-female pairs. As a result, his team lost the weigh-in part of the game this week (where the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss loses, and one of them has to go home). Doc actually went to the other players and asked to be voted off, if you can believe that! But instead of them choosing him, the other teams chose Pete... so much for being fair, eh?

However, Pete didn't exactly fare badly... at the end of the show, they show the person who was voted off, and how they're doing today (these episodes were taped a few months ago), and Pete's looking completely amazing! He's obviously kept up with the plan since leaving the show, and if they repeat from the last series, he's a shoo-in to win the runner-up prize given to the contestant with the highest percentage weight loss who was voted out.

Mark, who the previous week didn't lose any weight (he had been getting up in the middle of the night and cooking himself a fried breakfast) really came out of his slump this week, and more than made up for last week's weigh-in. I still think he has a ways to go emotionally... but he's matured greatly in this episode, and I think a lot of that had to do with him getting the news that his uncle had died of a heart attack.

The ladies are doing well, too... they're not losing as much weight as the men are, but they're all looking very good!

If you've been trying to lose weight, and you don't watch that show, I highly recommend it... it's very inspirational, and even if you don't need the inspiration, it's entertaining.



  1. Do you watch Boston Legal? I know ABC was rerunning Commander on Saturdays (or at least that they did for one Saturday. Glad to hear the Supes costume is done!

  2. Nope, I don't watch Boston Legal... you can pretty much bet if a show's on one of the major networks at 10:00 pm, I'm not watching it.

    My late wife and I used to watch its predecessor, The Practice, but that was one of those shows I gave up on after Barbara passed away.


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