Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend Update

Well, it's been a busy weekend for Jessi and I! Let's recap...

Saturday morning, as usual, began with Weight Watchers... I only lost about half a pound, but half a pound loss is better than any gain, right?

Jessi wasn't feeling that well, so we didn't take the dogs for their walk, and we did have to get up to Tacoma for my niece's birthday party by 12:30, so we had a light breakfast, and then headed north.

The birthday party was held at a bowling alley, and after three games (the first time I'd gone bowling in about nine years) I still didn't have my old game back. I used to be a half-decent bowler, but no more. There was pizza (pretty bad pizza, really) and cake (not such great cake) served there... so I blew my "flex points" for nothing, pretty much. I don't even remember what we had for dinner Saturday night.

While we were in Tacoma, we stopped at Half-Price Books (there isn't one in Olympia -- my only real complaint about living here), and I picked up one book for me, and two books and a CD for Jessi. We were also planning on stopping at Toys R Us to try to find the last JLU figures I need for my collection, but I was feeling too tired, so we headed home.

We did see Teen Titans Saturday night, of course (I think I've read too many comics -- if such a thing is possible -- because I wasn't surprised by anything that happened), and there was no JLU episode. We went to bed early, at 10:00 pm, because the next morning (this morning... Sunday) was going to be an early day for us!

The alarm went off at 7:00 this morning, and I got up, had a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch (well the Albertson's version of it), and made breakfast for Jessi, too, and then I waited... my buddy Dan and his son Anders were going with me to the Portland Comic Book Show, and they were supposed to meet me at the house at 8, and then we'd leave. At least, I thought that's what we agreed to! I called Dan at 8:30 when he hadn't shown, and learned he thought I was picking him up at his house! So I headed over there picked them up, and we headed south!

The delay actually worked in our favor... the show was open when we arrived, and so we didn't have to stand in line. We separated after getting in, and as Dan and his son experienced their first comics show (and I should've really led him through it myself, instead of throwing a "virgin" to the metaphoric wolves), I stopped by the guest area to say hi to a few people... first Jayne and Conrad of Lady Jane's (they were on the way -- they used to have the best shop to go to in Tacoma), and then I talked briefly to Michael Eury, the editor of BACK ISSUE, then John Lustig, of LAST KISS, and then Kurt Busiek, author of more great comics than I feel like listing!

From there, it was time to spend, spend, spend! I had great luck, hitting some quarter boxes, and even a ten cent box! I picked up a bunch of great comics reading, and also got some all-ages stuff to give out at Halloween (I recommend this for anyone... kids get such a kick out of getting comics instead of candy!), plus some trade paperbacks and such for half price (The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told, Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 2, Bizarro World, Essential Luke Cage, and a few others), a Teen Titans t-shirt for Jessi, and then I got Michael Eury's Dick Giordano book... and then I was tapped out!

Once Dan and Anders had spent their money, too, we trudged back to the car and hit th road north! We stopped at a Target in Kelso to see if I could find those missing JLU figures... thanks to one of the dealers, I knew I had at least two sets to pick up... I'd already known about the Superman/Aztek/Sinestro set (I think that's the one), but there was also a set with a Bizarro figure I didn't even know was out... and it was the latter one I found at Target. Still need to find the other one, and I've a feeling there's at least a third set that comes with a free comic book... but I don't know what that would be! It could be a Target exclusive.

After getting home, it was comics sorting time, then Jessi was back from her bike ride with Dan's wife, and then it was time for me to make dinner (chicken nuggets, french fries, and mashed squash -- all prepared in my low-points manner). We watched a few Law and Order re-runs on TBS, then Monsters, Inc. on Disney Channel (which I, at least, had never seen before). And then Jessi went to bed, and I went to the computer to read emails, and write this entry!


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  1. Jon, how could you? Got me all hyped up about cons at the end of con season! Although even if there were any good ones, I don't have the money to scrounge together, so you are off the hook.

    Kurt Busiek ... wow. That must have been awesome!


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