Thursday, November 17, 2005

Four Days Later...

Sheesh, it's been a while between blog entries! Why was that? Well, there are a couple of reasons...

1. I was working on upcoming columns for Cover Stories on Monday & Tuesday night, and ended up taking longer than I'd planned.

2. Last night I was updating some recipes I'd created on the Weight Watchers website, and adding a few more -- all foods that I'd served at my birthday party on Saturday, which I know Pam, our group leader (who was at the party) will likely be talking up at the meeting, so I wanted to bring hard copies of them to the meeting so others can try them out themselves! (anyone reading this have any interest in having me share those recipes here?)

3. I spent too much time reading the "Uncle John's Bathroom Readers" I bought on Sunday -- but I read both of them now, so they're going to be in the bathroom for Jessi or any visitors to read (that's right, I don't tend to read those in the bathroom exclusively, which is why a new one never lasts long for me).

So hopefully, I'll be back on track tonight, and back to regular posting (although I still haven't posted a "1-10" on the DC History list since my actual birthday, 8 days ago).

So what's been going on since Sunday? Well, work-wise, Monday and Tuesday were on the slow side, finishing up early both nights. Wednesday, I made up for a little lost time, and today should be fairly busy. Our one person who tones photos and does scanning full-time is on vacation this week, so all that has to be done catch-as-catch-can by the three people (during the day) who are trained in doing that -- and those people are the department manager and assistant manager, who were in meetings all day Monday, and are kept pretty busy when they're not in meetings, and co-worker Chelsey, who wasn't completely trained, but gave it a go anyway (for which I'm appreciative). I'm kind of halfway sort of trained in imaging, and on occasion I've been known to do a quickie tone job in order to get something moving, but honestly, I believe that I'm of better use building ads and getting stuff cranked out that way (I'm the most productive of the ad-builders, which is not intended as a criticism of the others in my department -- I'm just fast, that's all).

There's also a lot of concerns going around about the newspaper's parent company, Knight-Ridder -- information's come out that the board of directors of their parent company, or somesuch, want to sell K-R, but nothing will be decided until April, I guess... so I really don't have much to say about that.

Remember the board game I created for our ApartmentFinder weekly publication? On Monday, I created a new cover concept -- one that's sort of a tribute/parody to Scooby-Doo. Didn't spend quite as much time on this one, though -- I just scanned our image library to find people who reminded me of the various Scooby gang, and put them in front of a spooky castle backdrop. Of course, some are closer than others -- Shaggy's represented by a more "traditional" hippie, Velma by a woman with glasses -- and there the resemblance ends. Fred looks way too competent to be the person I picked to stand in for him, and for Daphne, I had to take the head from one figure and the body of another one and put them together (and then do a bit of recoloring to help the resemblance out). I didn't add any spots to the Great Dane standing in for Scooby himself. Everyone who's seen it so far picked up on where I was going right away, so I guess it works!

Although I'd forgotten I wanted to throw a Mystery Machine in there somewhere.

I have no idea when this one will be used, but when I do know, I'll share the image with you.

More blogging in a bit!


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