Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Enjoy 'em while they're here... 'cause you'll be waiting until at least the 11th or 13th for new ones from me!

JLA Classified #13: This current storyline continues to be enjoyable... unfortunately, we don't have the Lois & Clark interactions of the previous installments, but we do get some good JLA interaction, and good use of the JLA's abilities. And they don't hate or distrust each other!

Doom Patrol #17: As we head towards the final issue of this series... we get a bit more of the various threads Byrne's trying to tie up before the end, Robotman's head gets re-attached, Larry Trainor tells Rita Farr how he became Negative Man, Rita battles Giant Evil Negative Man, and Metamorpho's seen better days! Man, am I annoyed that next issue will be the last one, 'cause Byrne's been kicking ass with this book!

Teen Titans Go! #24: The Titans' powers get switched around, and hiliarity ensues! As I've said before, if you like the Titans 'toon, you should be buying this book!

Teen Titans #28: So... last of this two-part story featuring Liefeld art (thank goodness... I hate his over-rendered style), but this part, Gail Simone's writing definitely makes up for it! A better wrap-up to this story than I expected.

The Defenders #4: Man, this miniseries is going fast! The cover is 100% misleading, as it appears that Doc Strange and Dormammu have joined forces... but there's so much fun stuff in this issue that I can forgive the completely misleading cover! It's Dormammu's World -- You're Just Living In It! is the title of this issue, and the creators really show what that means! Good stuff.

The Incredible Hulk: Destruction #4: So this is the last Peter David-written Hulk comic we're going to see... at least for a long time. Honestly, I felt a bit disappointed with this issue... and I guess I was hoping that Peter would give us a lot more for this latest "last hurrah," but... oh, well.

JSA Classified #4: Has anyone not read this issue already? SPOILER WARNING: Power Girl's origin is her pre-Crisis origin! Yay! Earth-2 did exist! Lots of images from the pre-Crisis days! And it leads into Infinite Crisis #2, but I don't care! This four-issue run has been fun all the way!

JLA #121: "World Without a Justice League" continues, as Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Aquaman try to rebuild a League, if not the League! I enjoyed this issue, a lot!

Legion of Super-Heroes #11: Another book I continue to enjoy each month... it's been 11 issues already? Wow.

Adventures of Superman #645: This issue should've come out before INFINITE CRISIS #1, as that's when it takes place... it basically serves to lead into IC.

Flash #227: There's a lot thrown at you in this issue, the first of a multi-part storyline involving potential futures, a bizarre church, and some secrets... it'll be interesting to see how things go!


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  1. Glen Davis8:25 PM

    To be honest, I was disappointed with the ending of PG's story arc in JSA Classified. I'm still looking forward to the next with the Injustice Society though.

    With Defenders, why do all their changed worlds seem to look alike? The DCu has this problem as well.


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