Thursday, November 17, 2005

More blogging

Yep, two posts in short order! Huzzah!

So, what else do I have to say this morning?

Well... Robby Reed's Dial B for Blog focuses on Krypto the Superdog today... and you can check that out via this link, which won't change from day to day. No coverage of my own Krypto, however (not that I was expecting it... Krypto's appearances on the web are limited to this blog, and an appearance or two on Tony's Online Tips (which is on a temporary medical leave as I write this -- get well soon, Tony!).

Jessi and I have continued to watch the Biggest Loser Tuesdays on NBC, and have dropped even the pretense of watching Commander-in-Chief. They're down to the final four on TBL, and I'm amazed at the weight loss results they're getting! Well, perhaps amazed isn't the right word -- impressed is more like it (anyone would lose weight rapidly if they followed the same regimen).

We also continue to watch the various Law & Order shows on USA and TNT, but rarely on NBC (except for Sunday's Criminal Intent episodes -- which may have to move in fall of 2006, as I've heard that NBC's getting Sunday Night Football, which ESPN is losing due to their getting Monday Night Football away from ABC).

Did I tell you guys that Jessi got me an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition t-shirt? Well, I have now. She got the shirt from her friend who was her contact for us signing up for the show (her friend apparently didn't ever get to the site on Friday -- there is a lot that goes on that we never see on TV, as you might expect, and I'd share some of what we were told, but I don't know that the source is that accurate -- besides, they signed a confidentiality agreement that could get 'em sued if they spill the beans, and I don't want to be responsible for that).

So... reading-wise, the only "fresh" reading I have is the latest issue of Roy Thomas' Alter Ego, which I received on Tuesday, but just cracked open today. Be thankful I'm posting at all -- AE is one of those mags that tends to take me away from anything constructive until I read it from cover to cover! But I'm trying to spread it out a bit this time around, so it lasts longer.

And I guess that's about it for now! I'll likely post again tonight.



  1. Hmmm, I am the same way about CBG as you are about Alter Ego, I sit and finish it in one long sitting,

    Also I did not want to post this down below but if you would share those recipes, that would be great.

    Nice to see a post again.

  2. I've posted some of the recipes I used for the party... I hope you'll enjoy them!

    I used to love the CBG when it was a weekly newspaper... but the magazine version left me cold, for some reason.



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