Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This 'n That

First of all, let me apologize for not getting the mini-reviews posted yet... they'll be a-comin', just not sure when!

So why didn't I post them yesterday evening? Well, it turned out to be a busy evening for Jessi and I...

Well, it didn't start out so busy. Monday, as you'll recall, was Halloween. This was our first Halloween in this house, so I wanted to be prepared for trick-or-treaters, by having comics to give out instead of candy. Well, by the time I was home from work just before 8 pm, there weren't any kids out on the streets anymore... at least in our neighborhood. And according to Jessi, we had all of five kids show up at our door.

So, once I was home from work, we headed over to our friends' house. Dan and Amanda are Weight Watcher buddies of ours, and they really do up Halloween there! Dan spent hundreds of hours preparing his yard, digging up a "grave," putting tombstones all around, adding flashing strobes, sound effects, and even a fog machine! He and Amanda were appropriately dressed for the occasion, and the short time we were there, they must've had 100 or more trick-or-treaters.

Now, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here... so skip ahead if you don't want to read the rant. A lot -- and I mean a LOT -- of the kids trick-or-treating weren't really "kids" in the sense most of us think of for trick-or-treating. I swear, some of the trick-or-treaters were old enough to drive! In my not-so-humble opinion, when you reach the age of 13, you're done trick-or-treating. Period! Teenagers shouldn't be out there, just the little kids! Teenagers can have their own parties, dress up, and if they want lots of candy there, that's fine... but they shouldn't be going out on the streets in costume getting candy and other stuff... that's not trick-or-treating, that's begging and foraging. I don't know... maybe some of you parents reading this may think differently, but when Jessi and I have kids, we'll be letting them know in no uncertain terms that at 13, they are done!

Anyway... rant's over, and at least I kept it short!

So, after we got home, I made some dinner for me (Jessi had already eaten), and by the time I'd finished eating, Jessi was asleep on the couch, so I got her put to bed, and then went into my office to get those leashes and collars I mentioned earlier up on eBay. Well... I got all the photos taken, and about half of them put up last night, but I finished putting the rest up this morning.

Also, this morning, I sent webmaster Justin at World Famous Comics several weeks of Cover Stories columns, as I noted the one that's running this week was the last one I'd sent him... along the way, I discovered that, somehow, one of the ones I'd sent him was skipped over, so it'll be rescheduled later!

In case you're curious as to how far ahead I'm writing these... the next two columns I need to write will be the Christmas and New Years editions... with the column that was skipped running after those. Beyond that, I need to plan more columns out, and start working on 'em!

Didn't really do much else this morning... except drop the rent check off, which is always important, naturally!

Work today has been fairly slow, as it tends to be on Tuesdays. Things don't typically gear up until Wednesday at the newspaper. Oh, yes, there are the occasional emergency rush jobs... after all, by 5 p.m., we not only have to have the ads for Wednesday's paper all completed, but we also have to finish ads for the entertainment weekly section (which is inserted in Thursday's paper) as well as the Auto Mall Tabloid, which is inserted on Saturday. Just before I left to take my lunch break (which is when I'm writing this), we'd finished the last ad for the Auto Tab, as we call it.

But between making corrections or changes to ads, there've been some very slow periods, during which I've worked on ads that won't run for several weeks (at least those had been turned in already, so I could work on them). Unfortunately, one thing that hadn't come in yet (and which really should have) is one of the local Parks and Recreation books that I work on, which is supposed to be complete and uploaded for offsite printing on Wednesday -- and I know the last proof is definitely not going to be okay as is, because the director of Parks & Rec hadn't written his letter that appears on the first page of text yet (well, and some classes hadn't been scheduled yet, for that matter). Hopefully, when I get back from lunch, that will be turned in, and I can run out another proof that can go out to the customer tonight... but somehow, I think it'll end up being the case where the sales rep will drop the changes off, and then leave for the day... meaning it'll be tomorrow morning before the proof gets to the customer!

Tuesdays (as well as Fridays) tend to be days I'm off work early... Mondays I'm usually done right on time, and Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days I most often work late. Most of the time, it still works out to 40 hours a week or more, but the past few weeks, it's been a bit short, unfortunately!

Anyway... our plans for tonight, after I'm home from work, will be a light dinner, followed by watching THE BIGGEST LOSER and COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, after which Jessi will go to bed, and maybe then I'll finally get to work on the transcription job for CHARLTON SPOTLIGHT!


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  1. I am coming to your house next year to trick-or-treat for comics. I will bring my sons, but you will probably see through that.


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