Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Night....

So... what's been going on since I last blogged? Not a heck of a lot, really. Let's see... where to begin?

November 1st was my youngest brother Karl's birthday. Since he and his family live in New York, naturally we didn't get together, but I did call him up and we caught up a bit on things. I pointed him to this blog, but I don't know for sure if he ever checked it out.

As predicted earlier, we watched THE BIGGEST LOSER on schedule, but we didn't watch COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF... which could well mean that show's falling off our radar.

Moving onward... Wednesday and Thursday are usually busy days for me at work... in fact, I usually end up working enough later on those two days to make up for finishing up early on Tuesdays and Fridays! However, this week, I've fallen short of 8 hours both those days (I did get a little extra in on Monday night, but I'll be short of 40 hours this week). At least we're getting things done...

Tuesday and Wednesday evening ended up being eBay efforts. Tuesday night, I put up for auction the dog collars and leashes I picked up on clearance at Petco. So far, I've sold one collar and leash set -- seems to me I recall from back when I was making all my money selling on eBay that, paradoxically, sales tended to drop off dramatically this time of year. Wednesday -- last night -- I put up a bunch of clothing that's become too big for Jessi or I to wear (not that any of the items were clothing we've both worn!). I've had exactly one question about one of those articles of clothing, but it's still fairly early yet. All the dog collars and leashes are straight "buy it now" items, while the clothes have starting bids with a "buy it now" option. Hopefully, things will start happening there soon, 'cause we could use the money, to be honest!

Still have yet to start that transcription job... perhaps I'll start it over the weekend, although it could be a fairly busy weekend. Saturday night is our friend Dan's birthday party, and my youngest niece's birthday party is on Sunday. We're also supposed to have our monthly boxer meet-up on Sunday, but there's no way we can make an appearance there and make it to my niece's party on time!

Monday I have the day off of work, burning off my last vacation day of the year. I'll likely spend some of that time working on the transcription job, and probably writing up some more Cover Stories columns, and fitting in a blog entry or two! I was hoping there'd be the funds to rent the Rug Doctor and clean the carpets that day, too, but unless sales start picking up big-time, that won't be happening!

This evening, being Thursday, we watched Smallville (don't you just love the way I randomly jump around from one day to another?). It was a pretty decent episode, and the guest-appearance of Tom Wopat allowed the writers the chance to throw out a number of "Dukes of Hazzard" references in the episode. Although, to be honest, I think what I enjoyed most in this ep were the scenes of Erica Durance in her red white and blue bikini, and red go-go boots! It was also nice to see Maggie Sawyer in this episode (I believe she'd appeared in a previous one, but I don't know if it was the same actress or not).

After Smallville, Jessi and I started talking about wedding ideas and plans. We may end up getting married sooner than originally thought, but it would be premature of me to say anything more!


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  1. Well, yet again I come back to Commander In Chief. Not to sway you, far from it, if I had a choice I would be watching, "My Name is Earl" on NBC. But I only get ABC, so I suppose I will at least stop watching CiC, that option is simple enough.

    Regarding Smallville, I am just going to have to rent entire seasons I think, at the rate I am behind. Does sound like a great episode though. ;^)

    Regarding money troubles, well I can relate, I got a few. But even if I didn't have the troubles I got now, I think there would need to be quite a bit more money before it did not "have" to go somewhere. Ah well, it will all turn out fine. All the best.



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