Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Night...

So, here it is, Thursday night. I've hit all my nightly blogs (the blogs that tend to have updates at this time of night, that is), and have also written up the shopping list for my birthday party.

I may as well come "clean" on what was possibly going to happen on Friday, in case I didn't blurt it out before. A friend of Jessi's let her know they were signing up volunteers to help with an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that was going to happen around Port Orchard, and since we're fans of the show, Jessi signed us up! We were looking forward to it, despite how it was going to put a cramp in things party-wise.

However, they were overwhelmed with volunteers, and we didn't get on the list before the cut-off.

Anyway... this frees us up to start prepping for the party Friday night after I get off work (and in Jessi's case, since she has Friday off, a chance to start on the clean-up that I didn't get to on Monday).

The menu for the party will be as follows:

Veggie Spaghetti - with homemade sauce, including mushrooms, black olives, and onions, Morningstar Farms "meat" crumbles, with whole wheat spaghetti pasta.

Homemade Pizza - with homemade sauce, whole-wheat crust, low and non-fat cheddar and mozzerella cheese. I'll be making turkey pepperoni, ham and pineapple, and combo.

Pigs in a Blanket - Using fat-free hot dogs and Phyllo dough.

Chicken Nuggets - Using my "famous" breading comprised of Special K and Fiber 1.

California Sushi Roll - courtesy of the local Safeway! (hey, I don't know how to make *everything* you know!)

Olive, Veggie and Fruit Trays

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting - homemade from scratch!

And maybe, if it doesn't look like there'll be enough food, Popcorn Shrimp!

Sounds filling, doesn't it? But it'll all be healthy!

So, I'll be running to the grocery store in the morning to get stuff on the shopping list, then after bringing it all home and putting it away, I'll be off to work! I'll likely be done at work by 5:30-6:00, and then I'll head home and start on the prep.

The first thing on the list will probably be making the cupcakes. I'm making 4 dozen, and I only have one muffin tin with a capacity of 18, so it'll be three batches. While those are baking, I'll get the spaghetti sauce started in the crock-pot. Once the spaghetti sauce is started, I'll get going on the pizza dough.

Somewhere in all this, dinner will be prepared, unless I cheat and get Subway for dinner (which I probably will).

Then, Saturday morning, after Weight Watchers, we'll get home, have breakfast, and I'll do more prep... getting the chicken nuggets breaded and panned, preparing the pigs in a blanket, frosting the cupcakes, making the pizzas, and getting the shrimp ready if need be. The plan is to have everything that needs to be baked ready to come out of the fridge and go right into the oven, which will mean rearranging the fridge, natch!

Oh, almost forgot... first thing after WW will be to get a few bags of ice!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah... once all that stuff is done, if there's time, I'll relax a bit before getting the spaghetti pasta cooked (the party starts at 2, so I'll probably cook the pasta starting at 1:30 or so).

And boy, do I hope there'll be time to relax... I may even take a short nap if there's time! But if not, I'll just get a fresh shower before people start to arrive.

The sad thing is, I really don't know for sure how many people are coming. My entire family was invited, which usually means 14 people, but my sister Debi and her three kids won't be there. I invited all my co-workers, but I know some of them will be out of town. I invited a number of our friends as well, including a few from Weight Watchers. I'm basically planning on food for 48 people (hence the 48 cupcakes). If there aren't that many, or they aren't that hungry, there'll be leftovers -- which isn't a bad thing, you know?

Anyway... it's very sad, but it's only 10:30, and I'm feeling sleepy, even though I'm usually up until midnight... so I'm off to bed!


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  1. Only 10:30... To use the old adage, you are making enough food to feed a small army! I think a little rest is more then expected. Heck, I plan on self-inducing a coma after my wife gets done with these 12 hour shifts for the hospital. Hence, my 4 a.m. comment here. Anyway have a great party!


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