Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday Night Update!

Well, the Saturday night eBay auctions ended, and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results. Nothing really sold for that much more than I expected (indeed, many closed with only one bid), but it'll add up to a nice chunk of change.

In addition to those, there were a number of people who took advantage of the Buy It Now price on a few auctions, which was pretty much set at the cover price of the books (most of the auctions started at $1 per book). The money realized from these sales will come in very handy over the next few days, let me tell you!

But I'm getting way ahead of myself in reporting the events of the day, aren't I? We woke up this morning to a very cold and slippery day... the snow we had the other day had melted a bit over Friday, and on Saturday morning, the streets were like ice. The drive to Weight Watchers took a bit longer than normal -- we weren't doing any more than 35 on the interstate, and we passed by at least 4 accidents on the freeway. Of course, we made it there safely -- one can't spend six winters in Wisconsin without learning how to drive in these kind of conditions, after all!

Weight Watchers was good news for me, and bad news for Jessi... but I won't tell you how bad the news was for her. Instead, I'll report on me... bizarrely enough, I managed to lose 3 lbs this week -- when I'd only been losing about .1 to .5 max for several weeks. What makes this extremely bizarre to me is that 1) We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday last weekend, 2) We'd been eating lots of leftovers during the week, 3) I hadn't exercised at all beyond the walking of the dogs last weekend, 4) I'd snacked on more than a few M&M's at work this past week (several salespeople keep a bowl of various M&M's at their desks, and when my energy is ebbing at work in the evenings, I've been known to graze a bit -- especially when someone has peanut butter M&M's), and finally, 5) Friday, before heading to work, I ate a Jumbo Jack with Cheese (if you don't have Jack In The Box, it's equivalent to a Whopper with Cheese, I guess). This brought my total weight loss to....

...99.2 lbs. Just .8 lbs short of 100. Just as an experiment, I emptied my pockets of wallet, cell phone, keys, etc, and found they added up to 1 lb, and they would've let me get away with it for the weigh-in, but I knew that Jessi didn't have a good week, and besides, if I "cheated" and emptied my pockets this week, I'd have to do it every week.

Last night, because of the interest that was expressed at last week's meeting, I prepared a sign-up sheet, and was going to announce the first of a projected series of cooking classes for my fellow WW members who wanted to learn the secrets of my cooking low-point foods... and then the list fell out of my pocket while we were heading to the meeting, and I didn't find it until afterwards... so that'll be rescheduled and re-announced next week (more on that later, I'm sure).

On our way back from Weight Watchers, we decided it was just too icy to even think about taking the dogs for their walk at 9, which is our usual time. The off-leash area we take them to is behind the Department of Ecology, and from prior experience, we knew that many places we usualy walk the dogs would be very slippery, and we wanted to wait and see if it would warm up enough that there wouldn't be any ice to slip on. Our friend Kathy took her dogs at that time, though (she later told us she only did one lap, when we usually do 2 or 3, because it was so slippery).

So, we went home, and I made us breakfast, then I checked the eBay auctions (I did that several times during the day, I'll admit), got the mail I forgot to get yesterday, and saw that our next-door neighbors were putting up their Christmas lights.

I'd intended to get our lights up last weekend, but I found that I didn't have the money to get the hooks to put them up on. Jessi bought the hooks we needed last Sunday, but by the time we got home from that store, it was too dark for me to put them up. During the week, I wasn't home early enough to put them up after work, and I didn't feel like doing it before work. So, I felt inspired by our neighbors, and spent about half an hour to 45 minutes first putting up the hooks, and then stringing up the lights.

Now, our display isn't impressive enough to make the newspaper's "Tour of Lights" listings, but for the first time I'd put up Christmas lights outside, I don't think they looked bad at all (fortunately, I had indoor/outdoor lights already, and only one string of lights wasn't working). Maybe I'll get a photo and show them to you guys, if there's any interest at all.

After I did that, and let my hands thaw out (no gloves), Jessi and I bundled up and took the dogs for their walk. We did two laps, and then came home for lunch. For me, lunch was a Weight Watchers frozen pizza, and Jessi had Fiber One and fat-free yogurt. Kathy stopped by while we were eating lunch, because she had something she needed to talk to Jessi about (I forget what), and after that, Jessi went to the YMCA (she'd just joined it recently) to meet our friend Amanda to go swimming.

While she swam, I took advantage of the time to watch Season 4, Episode 4 of Coupling on BBC America On Demand. I don't know if any of you have seen this -- maybe you just saw the Americanized version on NBC -- but I've found Coupling to be one of the funniest of the current Britcoms. I followed that up with Season 1, Episode 1 of Monty Python's Flying Circus, again courtesy of BBC America On Demand. Now, if only they'd add Red Dwarf to the On Demand library...

Anyway, after watching those shows, I was feeling very tired, so I tried to take a nap. I only half-succeeded... I did get some rest, but I don't believe I ever truly fell asleep. It's probably just as well, as when I do nap, I tend to stay up that much later that night (and it's already getting past my bedtime as I write this anyway).

So, Jessi got back from the Y, and was surprised to see me attempting to nap. We needed to think about dinner, so I started thawing some chicken, and suggested we have grilled chicken salad for dinner and baked potato. Unfortunately, I spaced on the baked potatoes. While the chicken thawed, we went to Fred Meyer because Jessi needed a combination lock for use at the Y, and I wanted to get the salad, salad dressing, and Bac-O's for the salad. Dinner was good -- a salad is always a nice change of pace, I think!

After dinner, I made up another crustless pumpkin pie, which, to be honest, we ended up eating all of (with our neighbors' help) tonight. There's still a lot of pumpkin left, so I'll likely bake another one sometime Sunday.

Sunday is also supposed to be our boxer meet-up, and I've been negligent about informing the group that we're changing our time from 2 pm to 9 am -- so I sent out an email to the group, and hopefully, we'll get the word out to everyone else somehow who's not subscribed to the group. The 2 pm time has just been too inconvenient, thanks to family functions and the like, and we're usually out at 9 am anyway with Kathy and her boxer Jäger (currently joined by three other boxers that belong to her son, including Jäger's brother) and Paul and Bridget and their boxer, Claude --- and we tend to be about half the group on average anyway. But even that time may shift tomorrow, depending on what the weather's like -- if it's wet and nasty, nobody will show up anyway, no matter what time we have it.

I may make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, just for a change of pace.

We're also planning a drive up to Spanaway with our friends Dan and Amanda and their son, so we all (well, everyone but me) can go ice skating from 2:30 to 4:30. Why aren't I ice skating? Well, I don't do anything that involves strapping something onto my feet to make me move -- skates or skis. I've never really been fond of roller skating, never had an interest in skiing at all... and honestly, I really don't like falling on my hindquarters!

Dan, Amanda, and Anders (their son) may have dinner with us on Sunday, after which I'll have even more auctions ending (with the last group of current auctions closing Monday night).

I'm debating whether or not to even bother relisting the auctions that closed without bids -- I'll have to look at them on a case-by-case basis, I think, and even then, I'll wait until Monday night to relist what I'll relist, and then with a five-day auction so they'll end on Saturday (if I figured that right).

In other news... by the time anyone sees this, there should be a new Cover Stories column up at the WF Comics website. This week's theme is taken from one of my favorite lines in Raiders of the Lost Ark -- "Snakes... why did it have to be snakes?" Check it out, and if you haven't already, check out the archives to catch up on the columns you missed! then again, some of you reading this blog for the first time likely found it via the link at that column anyway.

I'm planning on doing some linkblogging sometime this week, as it's been a while since I shared some of my daily stops with you guys.


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