Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another Update Post!

So, let's see... when I left off, I was letting you know about wedding plans and so forth... it's actually not going to be all that expensive a production, to be honest. The reception will be a pot luck, and one of Jessi's friends will be coordinating it.

(Just an aside here... it's become more and more apparent to me that I really don't have many local friends. In fact, aside from Dan, all my friends are people I know through the net!)


Starting on Monday, I've been trying to quit smoking... again. I had a nicotine patch that I used on Monday, but even with that, my brain felt a bit foggy the entire day. Still, I did make it through the day without smoking.

The problem with not smoking is that it makes for even more time to fill at work... and it's been slow enough as it is that it's a struggle to get 40 hours in a week! Either there's just not enough work to do, or I'm way too efficient, or a combination thereof.

One of the ways I've come up with to help extend my time is coming up with special projects. The latest one (that was supposed to keep me busy all week) was designing a new automotive tabloid publication, that would replace one our local auto mall used to have us do (but is being printed elsewhere these days).

You've probably guessed it already... I had most of that done by the end of the day on Monday. True, I did do some additional tweaking on Tuesday (mostly putting some more articles in my mock-up), but it was pretty much complete on Monday. So much for being kept busy the whole week with that, eh?

More later...


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  1. Glen Davis6:07 PM

    I understand you monetary concerns, but IMHO you should wear some kind of suit, maybe just rent a tux or something for something as important as your wedding.


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