Friday, March 03, 2006

Bizarre Dream

I'll try to blog more later today, if not tomorrow... but I had to share this with you guys.

I had a strange dream last night... I was watching TV with Jessi (I didn't see her in the dream, but I know she was there because I was talking to her) and we were watching an old "Superman" cartoon... but this was one that was never made.

We're watching this -- in black and white, which is odd, as there were never Superman cartoons in B&W -- and seeing the opening of it, and there's a song over the titles, with singers... I remember hearing the line, "You'll see him go flying through the air...." and remarking to Jessi that it was made by Famous Studios, who had taken over from the Fleischers.

As if that wasn't strange enough, that was accompanied by the visual of titles reading "With Krypto the Superdog" -- done in the style of the classic Superman logo -- with a stop-motion animated Krypto flying in and landing (looking like a Curt Swan semi-greyhound Krypto) and telling Jessi that I watched dozens of these cartoons as a kid, and Krypto never, ever showed up in them!

To the best of my knowledge, Famous Studios didn't do any Supermans... there were a few Paramounts finishing up the series, I believe. The only black and white Superman stuff were the serials and the first season or two of the George Reeves series. Plus, I believe by the time Krypto appeared in the comics, nobody was doing black-and-white any more for movies or tv. And then there's the stop-motion aspects of it!

I have no idea where any of this stuff came from, or how it coalesced in my subconscious to create this dream.

The theme song was very similar in style to other Famous Studios cartons, such as the "Little Audrey" series.

I just had to share.


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  1. Jon, lists the final 8 Superman animated shorts were produced by Famous Studios:
    Eleventh Hour
    Destruction Inc
    The Mummy Strikes
    Jungle Drums
    The Underground World
    Secret Agent
    (They're listed that way on too.)
    You're right, none of them feature Krypto or are in B&W. I'd think this would be an ideal candidate for a special Blackhawk Films "Film They Never made"?
    Hope this helps!


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