Friday, March 10, 2006

Shill Factory

So... I have 12 auctions on eBay that close on Sunday night... and only one of 'em has a bid. All of them (except the one that has a bid) has a "Buy It Now!" option.

I'm sure many of you are tired of reading here how money is tight and so forth... so I won't whine about that... I'll just ask that you consider bidding on one of these auctions:

Action Comics 13-issue lot starting at $4.99, with a buy it now price of $9.99.

JSA 56, 59-67 + JSA Strange Adventures Miniseries starting at $16.99, with a buy it now price of $33.99. Given the cover price of these books, that's a pretty good deal!

Superman 70s & 80s 18-Issue lot starting at $4.50, with a buy it now price of $9.99. There's a lot of good pre-Crisis reading here... including one-shots, some New Adventures of Superboy issues, DC Comics Presents...

Amazing Heroes 6 and 8 starting at $2.99.

7 Soldiers 21-Issue Lot has all of the Seven Soldiers of Victory issues that came out before I cut way back on my comics buying. With a starting bid of $19.99, that's less than a buck per issue!

This JLA lot is comprised of 100-105, 115-119, 121, 122, and Secret Files '04.

FF 527-531, Foes 1-6, Movie 1-Shot, MK4 lot, More - NR! starts at $27.99 -- it's my "Mega Fantastic Four" lot, and includes the first few issues of JMS' run on the book.

Warlord 10,12,19,25,36,38,47,50,59,63-64.66.70 starts at $3.99, and to be honest, with DC bringing back Warlord recently, I expected this to go by now!

This mini-Legion lot has the complete Secrets of the Legion miniseries plus two other issues.

Gold Key/Whitman 9-Book Lot features UFO and Outer Space 14, Walt DIsney's Comics & Stories Vol. 29, No. 6, Doctor Spektor 2, Tweety and Sylvester 72, Dagar 4, Addams Family 3, Twilight Zone 29, and Mighty Samson 17 and 32. Starting bid is only $3.49, and I figured someone would pay that just for the Addams Family issue! I'd probably throw in this Tweety & Sylvester kids' book in this lot for the heck of it as an undocumented bonus.

This Superman 28-Book Lot has one bid at the opening price of $9.99... and frankly, that's a steal for Superman 290, 333, 334, 337, 339, 340, 368, 383, 385, 406-413, 417-421, Superman Special 1-3 and Superman Annual 9 and 10.

So I'll make you a deal... bid on one of these lots, and if you win, mention with your PayPal payment you heard about the auction through my blog, and I'll throw in an extra comic or two in the deal, at least -- I have a few miscellaneous books around here I haven't figured out what to do with yet!

Shilling is now complete! Of course, if you're reading this blog on, say, the 13th of March 2006 or later, these aren't listed any more... and if I think of it, I might delete this message after these auctions end.

Thanks for checking them out!


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