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Tuesday Night Blogfest!

Let's start with some News:

The time period between March 21 and March 26, don't expect anything here... I'll be furiously typing away, doing another series of transcriptions for BCI/Eclipse, these for their upcoming She-Ra: Princess of Power and Flash Gordon DVD releases. I could concievably start getting these on March 11, so if things get spotty here, that's the reason for it.

Honestly, I don't know how many hours of these I'll have... I'm just hoping they'll start arriving as soon as possible!

In other news... did I mention before that I had designed a "Faithful Friends" pets advertising page for the newspaper about six months ago? Did I mention that they've taken that idea, and are doing a tabloid publication based on it instead, and that it'll publish on the 31st of this month? Or that Krypto and KO are prominently featured on the mailer that's gone out today to potential advertisers?

Well, then, I just did.

Final bit of news: I'm sure none of you are in the Olympia area, but if you are, and you grab the latest issue of our ApartmentFinder Weekly publication, you'll find gracing the cover of the issue a Photoshopped graphic created by me in which a Godzilla-like creature is attacking Olympia, with a tank and some jets trying to drive it off (with the blurb "Need to change neighborhoods? We can help" accompanying it). Since I keep forgetting to send myself a PDF or tiff or JPG of the image, I can't share it with you today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Infinite Crisis to Date

Let's see if I can review the entirety of Infinite Crisis to date, as promised this morning!

Issue #1

The cover I got was the one with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, with various characters in the background. The issue opens with unseen characters commenting "They've forgotten, haven't they?" as we see Superman flying over the destroyed Watchtower, then the Man of Steel meets up with Batman and Wonder Woman within a section that's still keeping an atmosphere. The three of them discuss what's been happening, specifically the broadcasts of Wonder Woman killing Max Lord (in the "Sacrifice" storyline -- footnotes don't appear in this series that often, which I think is an error). We even get to see a recap of this killing! We cut to Smallville, where the Kents are watching the Titans battling an army of creatures. Superboy is watching with them, and Martha's trying to convince Superboy to help, but Superboy's sporting a major 'tude, because Luthor didn't clone him to help.

Superboy starts to open his shirt, but when Luthor's mentioned on the news, he changes his mind. We cut to the three mystery people watching this and other events in some kind of crystal scren, as they talk more about whether or not they should get involved (as you'll see later, this is pointless -- they'd already gotten involved). We change scenes again to Bludhaven, where Supergirl and other heroes meet with Donna Troy, and Nightwing decides not to go with them to New Cronus.

Elsewhere, an Omac appears to attack Sand of the JSA, and Nightwing calls for help, but Donna, Starfire, Supergirl and the others have already left, and the sky is full of Omacs. Then we get a two-page spread of the Rann-Thanagar war... or rather, the aftermath, as a cosmic storm rages. Kyle Rayner and the L.E.G.I.O.N. discuss what to do, with the help of the Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, the Guardians whine about how the LEGION and the Corps and Rann and Thanagar just can't get along, but someone else has changed the nature of the cosmos, and they don't know why!

Over Gotham City, the Rock of Eternity overs, and the Riddler and other villains talk about a cop named Corrigan (Jim Corrigan, apparently no connection to the Spectre's original human host). The Rock explodes, and Captain Marvel falls from the sky. Cap barely has time to say that the Spectre killed Shazam, and then we see Spec lurking over Gotham, while the Batsignal is flashed on his chest. Oh, and the Seven Deadly Sins are running amok, but they're not identified as such.

The unseen watchers complain this world corrupts its heroes.

20 miles south of Metropolis, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Flighters invade an abandoned refinery, which is where the Secret Society of Super-Villains are hiding out. The SSOSV kick the FF'ers butts, killing off most of 'em. But I get ahead of myself.

At the Watchtower, Mongul appears and attacks (I thought the current Mongul was the son of the original, but this one acts like the original... well, the post-Crisis version of the original). Then we go back to the FF/SSOSV battle, where the FF'ers are getting clobbered bigtime. Back to the Watchtower, as Mongul attacks Supes, Batman and Wonder Woman. Back and forth between the battles. Wonder Woman attempts to impale Mongul with her sword, but Superman stops her and says, "I don't know who you are any more." Mongul escapes, and Superman and Wonder Woman argue about killing. Supes says Diana can't relate to people, and Batman says Supes relates to them too much. Supes and Batman argue about controlling everything. The three of them leave the Watchtower.

We're then back to the mystery watchers, who decide it's time for action, and one of them starts bashing at the crystal... the final page reveals it's the original Superman, and he's accompanied by Superboy of Earth-Prime, Alex Luthor of Earth-Three, and Lois Lane of Earth-Two.

OK. I was excited at the end of this issue, even though I had been spoiled by some of the reviews that were published before I could pick it up. I thought we were going to see the Original Superman put right what's gone wrong, and demonstrate by example how heroes are supposed to be.

Alas, it was not to be.

Final thought on this issue: The last we saw of Kal-L was the final pages of The Kingdom, where we saw that he was watching all that was going on here from the "heaven" those four went to during Crisis on Infinite Earths. We even saw he was watching us, for heaven's sakes, because he winked at us! He didn't appear to be unhappy with what was going on in the main DC Universe at that point.

However... someone once noted that the mere watching of something had an effect on it, or something like that.

Issue Two:

My copy has the cover with Power Girl looking at splintered reality.

The issue opens up with Animal Man looking for his space suit, and he tells his family his powers are acting all wonky. He takes off to New Cronus to meet up with the rest of Donna Troy's team, which includes Cyborg, Starfire, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Alan Scott, Jade, Supergirl, and many others. Supergirl claims there's no word for "Escape" in Kryptonian.

We cut to Power Girl battling Clayface and a bunch of other Secret Society members who are after her on Luthor's orders. She battles them for a few pages until the Original Superman shows up to help her.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Lois Lane and Perry White recap what's been happening briefly. Lois goes to Clark, who says that Bruce is right that the last time Superman inspired anyone was when he was dead (that happened last issue, I think). He knows the Society is on the move, and changes to Superman and flies off.

Meanwhile, at the Society's headquarter, Luthor gets status reports about the search for Power Girl, any of the Marvels, and so forth. Luthor decides to forget the Marvels, and use Black Adam for his plan.

In the arctic... Lex Luthor is in his battlesuit, wondering why he can't think and why he's in that suit.

Superman of Earth-Two flies with Power Girl, and he takes her to Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor. Alex says Power Girl wasn't supposed to survive the Crisis, and Superman tells PG who she is, and recaps the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Lots of very cool stuff for this old school fanboy in the recap! At the end of the recap, Superman starts whining how things started off so well with this new Earth, but then it went to hell. He says he should've tried to find a way back sooner. Alex is studying this earth to see what the villains are up to. Superman tells PG that where they are is where Superman's fortress was on Earth-Two... and then reveals that his Lois is dying.

Meanwhile, Booster Gold and Skeets are find out they aren't back in time (did he go back to the future some time?) to save the Watchtower, so they go off looking for the Blue Beetle's scarab.

Then we see the Joker killing off the Royal Flush Gang.

Back to the Fortress, Power Girl remembers her real past.

At the Batcave, Batman acts snippy to Alfred. Batman then talks to Brother Eye, and tries to find out what's happening with it.

At Paradise Island (Sorry, I'm not typing Themyscirwhatever the hell it's called), the Omacs are attacking the Amazons.

Back at the Fortress, Superman tells Power Girl he's decided his true purpose in the universe is to bring Earth-Two back.

And that's it... now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind seeing the multiverse back... heck, I could keep track of it all just fine, even when I was a kid! But come on, this is the original Superman, and his way of fixing everything that's wrong is to re-create his Earth?

It would've been more appropriate, I think, for him to decide to, as I implied earlier, to come back and set an example... show the heroes of Earth what a super-hero is supposed to act like. But noooo...


Sheesh... well, I was going to get through all five issues tonight, but after going through these first two issues... my brain hurts. I don't remember Crisis on Infinite Earths popping back and forth between things as much as this does! It's almost tempting to scan the pages in and do a "remix" of the series... putting pages together so that sequences run complete, instead of the back and forth.

Anyway... I'll continue with this Wednesday night!


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