Monday, April 17, 2006

Coming Attractions....

Hola, friends!

I know, it's been like a week since I've posted anything... and as you may have guessed, it's because of a current project.

Some of you, I'm hoping at least, have been checking out my weekly Cover Stories column over at World Famous comics... and one of the semi-regular features of that column is "Comics They Never Made!" Well, after writing a year's worth of these columns, I've just about used all the CTNM that I'd posted on the DC History list over in Yahoo Groups, so that means that there'll be some world-premiere ones coming up!

The first one, which will be posted in about five weeks, will be two Marx Brothers comics covers... and then after that, about nine weeks from now, the whole Comics They Never Made section will be taken over by the biggest CTNM series yet, to wit:


Yes, it's the Comics They Never Made debut of a fictional Charlton Comics series! In the past, all the CTNM were either Dell or Gold Key-based books, but I figured Charlton needed its day in the sun, too -- after all, they certainly did their share of licensed properties, which is what CTNM has been all about!

As I said, this will be the biggest series of CTNM posts yet, as I've "indexed" the entire run of that title, as well as a spin-off title... for 105 total issues that will be posted to Cover Stories about five or six at a time, so you can expect they'll be taking over that part of the column for a year, right?

Well... wrong, actually. I do have plans for some other CTNM covers, too, but it's been a struggle finding the artwork for them. I'm wanting to do some Charlton covers featuring Filmation properties, and for some of them, I'll be waiting for DVD releases so I can do some decent screen grabs from them for the cover art. Those will be interspersed here and there.

What can you expect from DRIVE-IN MOVIE CLASSICS? Well, a lot of cheesy and not-so-cheesy science fiction, horror, and monster movies! This has been a lot of fun, and now that all my templates have been created and the artwork collected and the series advanced indexed, it's been pretty fast putting together the covers.



  1. Can't wait. I always enjoy these fictional covers.

  2. I always enjoy creating them!


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