Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fab Four Friday!

OK, so I'm writing this late Thursday night.

Not much about me this week, is there? Before I get into Beatles stuff, here's what's happening:

Jessi and I are still working out details for the wedding. Wedding planning is stressful... or at least it can be. If you're going to be planning a wedding in the near future, trust me: Don't make decisions based on what you think other people want. Decide based upon what you and your future spouse want.

And have lots of money ready to spend on it.

Work is work... sometimes during the day, things are going great, and I feel like I'm producing some real cool ads... and then there are those customers that would make me pull my hair out if I wanted to become bald.

Take for example a local parks and recreation organization. Every three months, I work on their guide for the coming season (in this case, summer). I get a buttload of photos (rarely named so that I can tell what they're supposed to accompany), a bunch of text and/or Word files with what they're offering in classes and events (many of which don't even have scheduled dates, instructors, or prices yet), and I have to cram it all into a 24-page book, each page of which is 5.5 by 8.5 inches or so. I have one spot color to work with throughout the thing, with full color on the cover and the centerspread -- and the centerspread is used to promote their special events, in this case Fourth of July stuff and movies at the golf course.

It usually takes at least four or five proofs before it's okayed... and they add stuff in, yank stuff out, and bitch at me about the formatting of text (because they can't decide from one quarter to the next what's supposed to be bold, italic, or bold and italic), and won't let me keep the book looking good.

I mean, you know, I am a graphic designer. It's my job title. It's what I trained for, and what I do. I know what's going to work well, and what won't -- and I know what will take less space without sacrificing legibility.

I knew they were adding a bunch of crap this time around, and so the first proof I gave them had the text formatted to two columns per page. This allowed me to put a photo or graphic with nearly every event or class, and in some cases, two. Everything fit where it needed to, and it looked great.

They didn't want two columns... they wanted one column. And they wanted to add a few more classes. And didn't like where some things were. I warned the sales rep that I'd have to lose at least half the photos going to one column, but that's what the customer wanted.

Things get progressively worse with each proof that comes back. I've had to reduce the text from 10.5 point to 8 point in order to fit stuff in, had to completely rework several pages because it takes them three or four proofs before they're willing to tell me what they want... and frankly, at this point, I'm about ready to tell my supervisor I want no part of this after this issue is completed.

So... anyway... here's some very cool Beatles videos (I know, adding "very cool" before "Beatles" is highly redundant):

Beatles "For You Blue" from "Let it Be"

Beatles performing "This Boy" on TV

The Beatles perform "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on Ed Sullivan

The Beatles perform "She's a Woman" in Japan

The Fab Four perform "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party"

The Fab Four perform "Can't buy Me Love"

The Beatles perform "From Me to You" – poor quality, but there it is

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from "Yellow Submarine"

"Hey Jude" from "Let it Be"

Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There" – video from different performances

Beatles Cartoon – "Paperback Writer"

Enjoy the videos... I'm going to work on some "Cover Stories" columns!


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