Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Getting Back to Normalcy Here....

... or at least, what passes for normalcy, anyway, now that the current batch of transcripts is done.

So, what do I normally do in the evenings, after Jessi's done to bed? Well, it depends...

One thing I used to do every week day, and I need to start doing again, are my "1-10" posts on the DC History Yahoo Group. These are posts of the first ten issues of a specific comic book title, with whatever comments I can come up with. It's been a looooong time since I did that!

Another thing I'll have to get going on soon is my next batch of columns for Cover Stories at WF Comics... including the first anniversary column!

And, of course, posting regular entries to this blog, which have been sparse the past few weeks!

Aside from those three items, I have been able to keep up with my daily blog and news page checking... usually doing so when taking a break.


Every now and then, something pops into my brain, and it's usually in the form of a question... and it's a question I can't readily answer. Unfortunately, it's never the kind of question that I could find the answer for (or submit to) Imponderables or the Straight Dope... because, well, it just wouldn't fit there. Most of the time, it's even too esoteric for Ask Mr. Pop History.

So, what is all this leading up to? Well, for some odd reason, I found myself thinking about Thor today. I think Marvel's gearing up for the next Thor revival, maybe that's why.

Anyway... one thing that's bothered me for some time has been Thor's Don Blake identity. I should really re-read ESSENTIAL THOR VOL. 1 to see what, if anything, it specifically says about this, but going by memory... Of course, the whole thing behind the Blake ID was that Thor was feeling all uppity, and Big Daddy Odin decided he needed to teach Number One Son humility, and so sent him to earth in the form of a handicapped man, just entering medical school.

Now, I know Odin has so much power that he could easily set up Don Blake with a Social Security Number, birth cetrtificate, high school diploma, and all that without hesitating... but I seem to recall a statement saying that he sent Thor there "in the form of a crippled medical student named Don Blake," or something like that.

Anyway, the upshot of it is, it appears to me that Odin didn't create the Don Blake identity for Thor... but rather that Thor assumed Blake's identity. Which would mean there was an original Don Blake out there somewhere. Or was that ever brought up in the comics at all? If not, it seems to me that's something that could be used in the new Thor book.

Maybe one of these days, I'll post a few ideas that I'd use if I were going to be in charge of the latest Thor revival.


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  1. I never thought of Don Blake.

    I worry about how during the seventies, Odin made us human beings forget 9 months out of a year. How did that work?


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