Friday, April 28, 2006

Jon's Saturday Morning TV Party!

Before I get into the videos I'm sharing today, let me just say that my opinion of the parks and recreation people who have been so much of a frustration for me at work hasn't gotten any better... and even my supervisor's getting ticked at them!

Anyway... Saturday Morning TV Party Time!

To start, here's the opening of Speed Racer, which was one of my favorite childhood shows... it's a poor quality video, but there you go!

At least two volumes of Speed Racer are available on DVD, and if there's a third, obviously I haven't seen it or I would've bought it already!

Up next... two 1960s JLA cartoons from Filmation! These were part of a revolving spot in the Aquaman show (the others were Teen Titans, and solo adventures of Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and the Atom), and I've got a bootleg video tape with all of these... but still, if Warner and whoever has the rights to those videos got some kind of agreement worked out so all of Filmation's DC cartoons could come out on DVD, I'd buy 'em in a heartbeat!

Before the next JLA cartoon, here's a vintage 1960s Mattel Toy Commercial with Popeye

Speaking of Filmation, did you know they did a Shazam! cartoon on NBC, as part of the "Kid Super Power Hour"? This was after the live-action show had ended, and it's not a bad version of Shazam! It's certainly close than the live-action version. This, too, is missing on DVD, although a pair of video tapes had been released some time ago.

From that show, here's "The Incredible Shrinking City"!

Part 1

Commercial break! Here's a commercial for the Remco Engergized Spider-Man toy!

Part 2

And that's all for now! More cartoons and commercials next Saturday, unless I forget! And maybe tomorrow, I'll have some real blog content for ya!


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  1. I seem to remember a Blackhawk caroon in there somewhere.


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