Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Night!

So... after putting up a bunch of new auctions on eBay... they go and announce a 10 cent insertion day... for Tuesday.

Yeah. The day after I put them all up.

Anyway... I forgot to mention the other day about a couple of cool things I found at the local Dollar Store this weekend... little plastic figurines of Popeye, Mighty Mouse, and other old cartoon charcaters, like Tom and Jerry, and the original Porky Pig!

I'll have to keep an eye open for these at other Dollar Stores... I bought the Popeye and Mighty Mouse ones (Mighty's colored in his original red and blue outfit), and they're sitting on my shelf now! They're amazingly well-done for Dollar Store items! They're produced by X one X-Archive, Inc, and distributed by Greenbrier International out of Chesapeake. Somehow, I doubt either company has a webpage I can go to in order to find out what other figures they produced!

Still haven't read all the stuff I got from Free Comic Book Day, but I did read Gladstone's Duck book, which has good stuff in it!

Earlier tonight, I shot off a lot of new Cover Stories columns to Justin at World Famous Comics... and I did a 1-10 of Wow Comics for the DC History List. It's only 11:20 as I write this, and I seem to have accomplished all I planned to tonight! What else shall I do before heading off to bed?

More tomorrow!


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  1. They also make Wizard of Oz figures, and Universal Movie Monster figures (which are at Dollar Trees now.)


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