Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Comics Content Today...

...unless you count this sentence, entreating you to go to the posting below this one and check out this week's installment of "Cover Stories"...

...and actually, not much else to write about today, either. The latest issue of "Back Issue" arrived in my mailbox today, and it's been a good read so far... this issue focuses on the comics/toys connection, and I've just started reading the article about Marvel's involvement with G.I. Joe.

Work is busy... as it tends to get going into a three-day weekend. Nothing cool to write about there. I did start distributing wedding invitations at work, though!



  1. Jon,
    I know that you live down the road in Olympia, but were you aware of the sale at Half Price on Comics this weekend? Lots of boxes of clearance comics. They don't seem to know what they have...I picked up lots of Charltons, some Gold Keys and a romance comic from 1953 at 75 cents each. Just thought I would pass it along in case you are heading to Tacoma this weekend.

  2. Wasn't planning on heading to T-Town this weekend... to be honest, with the wedding coming up, there's no budget for buying comics this paycheck!



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