Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday Night Blogging...

So, what do I have to talk about tonight?

First of all, we're going to be having a houseguest starting next week for a brief time. A couple we're friends with are getting a divorce, and the wife will be staying with us until she gets her own place, or something like that. It'll probably mean a bit of adjustment for a bit, but it helps out a friend, and that's important, right?

Another friend of Jessi's was over tonight to watch House and American Idol... well, that's not entirely correct. She had gotten together with Jessi to do some shopping, and they came back to our place to watch some TV afterwards. Since I didn't get off work until 8:30, they'd already watched half of last night's House by the time I got home... so I busied myself with making dinner and getting the garbage out so as to not spoil the episode for me, which we'll both probably watch Thursday night.

Speaking of Thursday, I believe that's when the season finale of Smallville airs... meaning no new Smallville until the Fall... and lots of speculation!

Saturday will bring the last new Justice League Unlimited... at least, unless there's direct to DVD movies or something. Kind of depressing, that, as it was one of my favorite shows.

At work today, Jenny from the Circulation Department (I create sponsored newspaper flyers for her clients) asked to see the automotive tabloid mock-up I created several months back, as she'd heard about it, and some of the other stuff I've done in that vein... and was surprised to find that I'd never been employee of the month.

That's something that has bugged me a bit before... especially when they have a ceremony for someone who did get employee of the month, explaining why they got nominated... here's a few examples:

1. One woman got nominated for delivering a newspaper to a customer on her day off, because their carrier missed their house.

Yeah. Okay, I know it's good customer service, but employee of the month? We had one ad about a year ago for a real estate company who provided a photo of a house that I had looked at when Jessi and I were thinking of buying, and that photo was simply awful... so I left for work early, drove by there, took a new photo with my digital camera, and brought it in to be used.

2. Our Ad Services person got it last month because when her assistant quit, she ran the entire Ad Services desk all by herself.

Well, not really. I mean, that's why she got it, but she didn't cover it all by herself! I spent quite a bit of time helping Ad Services out, doing tears, preparing mailings, and so forth... and I even covered the Ad Services desk myself one day when she had that day off.

Aside from those two things... and the publication mock-ups I've created, I've also prepared frames to be used for real estate ads (about 60 different varieties, each created for two different sizes), I've done complete redesigns of several ads when the customer said they wanted something different (which were loved by the customers, by the way). A few redesigns were done because the sales rep mentioned off-handedly that the customer was thinking they'd like something different for their ads, and I took it upon myself to rework them -- and they were accepted.

I also have done "Jon's InDesign Tip of the Week," a PDF file I've sent off each Friday for eight weeks with different tips for using Adobe InDesign to the members of my department, sharing my knowledge with the rest of them.

Plus the flyers for Circulation and all kinds of other things that weren't originally part of my job, but which I've made part of my job because I could handle them and nobody else could.

Does it get me employee of the month? Hell, I don't know if I've even been nominated!

So, what does Employee of the Month get? $100, "tax free" (they pay enough so that after taxes, it's $100 left). They also go in the running for Employee of the Year, which is worth much, much more money.

It would be nice to be recognized, you know? Especially given how many times people received that status for basically doing their freaking job.

Anyway, I'll quit ranting and whining about that... and call it a night!


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  1. Has it ever occurred to you that you don't like your job? Many motivational speakers and behavioral modification experts say that if money didn't count, what would you rather do than anything else in the world? No matter what it is, you can make a decent living at it plus love what you're doing.

    I speak from experience. I did what I loved for 35 years, got really pissed because I thought I wasn't getting paid enough and went to an offshoot of the same business. Guess what? Heart attack last July and only an expert cardiologist made it clear to me why it happened.

    Don't let it happen to you!

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