Monday, June 12, 2006

A Bit More Randomness (in other words, no themed posts tied to each day yet)...

Children's Books Revisted:

So... I did get a response to my post below about the children's book I've written a first draft of, which told me 1) I shouldn't illustrate it before submitting it to a publisher, they'll take care of that (not entirely sure I believe that -- I think a package deal, or at least something that's temporarily illustrated should be more appealing, as the publisher could see where I saw the book, visually speaking), and 2) pointed me to a website which was supposed to have some info to give me tips on writing children's books, but which, when I visited it, only loaded some blocks of color, with no text other than a counter at the bottom.

On the other hand, yesterday, when Jessi and I were visiting our friend Dan, I told him about my two ideas, and he loved them!

And so it goes. I do have an idea for how I might illustrate the Andy the Ant tale... once I see where I go with it for sure, I'll let you know.

TV Comics:

One thought I keep coming back to every few years concerns comics that were based on TV shows, and how -- aside from back issues, naturally -- they're inaccessible to most people these days.

One thought I had relating to this, years and years ago, was that someone like Nick at Nite/TV Land should consider forming a comics company (call it TV Land Comics, for example) that could reprint comics based on any shows that they're currently showing. Not necessarily just in pamphlet form (in fact, I'd think that would be the worst way to go), but in trade paperbacks, which could be available in bookstores as well as ordering from the network's website.

I mean, think about it... there were comics based on sitcoms, drama shows, and more... I, for one, would love to be able to get a TPB of Dell's Bewitched comics, even though I don't recall from the one issue I used to have long ago that it was all that great -- it would just be nice to have it.

Trying to come up with ideas for "Comics They Never Made" based on TV shows has constantly shown me just how many TV shows were adapted into comics form that I'd never even heard of -- I knew there had been a Partridge Family comic book, but it was only recently I learned there had been a Brady Bunch one, as well (I think Dell did that one). Gold Key did a Happy Days comic, as well as Adam-12... Charlton did Space:1999, Emergency!, the Six Million Dollar Man, and The Bionic Woman (some of those not only in color books, but in black-and-white magazines, as well).

I keep waiting for the network to latch onto this idea and run with it... heck, the biggest problems I can see with it are 1) There'd be the licensing issues (which I'd imagine wouldn't be all that major a hassle -- unless there was a discrepancy with who has the rights), and 2) Bookstores might not know where to stock them (I'd think the logical place would be with the books on TV shows, rather than with the comics).

Busy, Busy Weekend!

So... I think I told you guys about the plans for this past weekend... they pretty much all went as planned. My sister's 40th birthday party was fun, although I'm sure that Jessi's feeling as though she could've gone without one conversation with a few of the friends I used to hang out with all the time (these are friends whom I've drifted away from over the last 15 years or so, due to our interests going in completely different directions, as can happen in life). Still, we enjoyed ourselves, and Debi (the youngest of my sisters, whose birthday it was) loved the present we got her (a huge bucket with 75 packages of sunflower seeds -- she's addicted to eating 'em as she watches the Mariners play -- and that's probably the first sports reference I've made on this blog, isn't it?).

Today is a vacation day for me... and unless it stops raining and dries up quickly, I won't be doing any yard work today... so it may just be a relaxing day!



  1. I know you don't believe that editors prefer just the text for picture books, but it is true. We really, really do. The only exception would be professional illustrators who have done a book dummy, but even then we still would like a manuscript copy of the text as well. The reason is simple. The text must stand alone. The pictures should and will supplement the text to truly add to it and bring it to life, but the text itself needs to be a good story. Of the 3 PBs I've acquired, two were done with author/illustrators, one with an author who the art director later assigned an illustrator to the project. With the first author/illustrator I didn't notice the problems with the meter of the text (it was in rhyme) until the pictures were gone. If I had never seen just the text, I never would have caught the problem.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation!



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