Thursday, June 15, 2006

Early Morning For Me...

Have you ever woken up an hour earlier than you usually wake up because of some emergency?

About 7 am, Jessi woke me up to say that the side gate was open, and she couldn't find Krypto.

Now, that's one of those things that will wake me up immediately. I rushed to get dressed and out the door so we could find him... by which point he'd actually gone back into the back yard, thank goodness!

What's really annoying about it is that it's my fault the situation happened in the first place. You see, we keep an extra garbage can in the back yard, which is where we put all the dog poop before transferring it into the can that gets collected. Well, I say "we," but that's really just my job.

We -- and by "we," I still really mean "me" -- also use the extra can for any weeds we pull up, and any other debris we wish to be rid of that's from the back yard.

So, since Thursday is garbage collection day, when I got home from work last night, immediately after I put our supper in the oven to cook, I collected the garbage from the kitchen, bathroom and my office to put in the garbage can, plus emptied Mickey's birdcage of the litter from the past week (remember Mickey, our cockatiel? darn bird still hasn't learned any new sounds from us, and still refuses to be social), and then, since there was room, I emptied the back yard's can into the can that's emptied (or I should say will be emptied, since as I write this, they haven't been by yet to collect)...

...and I forgot to close the back yard gate and latch it.

But fortunately, Krypto didn't wander too far away from home, and he was back and safe and sound.


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